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Stephen Lynch No Meat Lyrics

Last updated: 12/12/2012 07:58:51 AM

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Vegan living, so healthy and clean
So much brown rice, so many mung beans
And no meat, not one bite of meat
Juicy meat, succulent meat.

Instead I get, gluten and sea weed stew.
Rice milk and lentils and fuckin tofu
I respect every creature from horse, fowl and owl
I’d blow a goat for some bacon right now
Yeah I’d blow a goat for some bacon, right now

You eat your southern fried chicken
And I’ll just have fruit
How’s that T-bone?
No really, it’s cool
I’ll just chew on this turnip root
With a couple chick peas
Kill me please

I’m tired of hummus
And bulgur wheat
Tofurkey tofuck yourself
I want some meat
I respect every creature the birds and the bees
Well I’d eat the shit out some Whopper with cheese
Believe me I’d fuck up that Whopper with cheese

(Whoa) alfalfa sprouts and a red bean
A handful of trail mix
Mmm what a treat
How about some soy yogurt served in a bowl?
I’d rather eat a hobo’s asshole
Yeah I’d rather eat a hobo’s asshole

"Deleted Lyric"

Instead I want Prime Rib
And Filet Mignon
Baby-back ribs that fall off the bone
For a piece of brisket
Rubbed in the south
I'd let Magic Johnson bleed in my mouth
I'd let Magic Johnson bleed in my mouth

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