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No me queda mas que perderme en un abismo
De tristeza y lagrimas
No me queda mas
que aguantar bien mi derrota
y brindarte, felicidad
No me queda mas
si tu regreso hoy sería
una imposibilidad
Y esto que no era amor, lo que hoy niegas
Lo que dices que nunca pasó
Es el más dulce recuerdo de mi vida

Yo tenía una esperanza
en el fondo de mi alma
Que un día te quedaras tú conmigo
Y aún guardaba una ilusion
que alimentaba al corazón,
mi corazón que hoy tiene que verte como sólo amigo

Y aunque viví enamorada y totalmente equivocada
No me importa,
porque esto sí fue amor
Por mi parte, lo más lindo, el más grande amor
Y aunque siempre lo renuncies, para mí
Fue lo más bello

Yo tenía una esperanza
en el fondo de mi alma
Que un día te quedaras tú conmigo
Y aún guardaba una ilusion
que alimentaba al corazón,
mi corazón que hoy tiene que verte como sólo amigo

Y aunque viví enamorada y totalmente equivocada
No me importa,
porque esto sí fue amor
Por mi parte, lo más lindo, el más grande amor
Y aunque siempre lo renuncies, para mí
Fue lo más bello
Fue lo más bello

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selena The queen of TexMix | Reviewer: daisy | 8/21/13

Nobody knows how much this song means to me, I actually dedicated to a very special person in my life. Every time i hear this song it reminds me of him && all the crying i went threw, Its amazing how the song described everything I was going threw, literally to the point where the guy left selena, the part that gets me the most is Yo tenía una esperanzaen el fondo de mi alma Que un día te quedaras tú conmigo Y aún guardaba una ilusion que alimentaba al corazón,mi corazón que hoy tiene que verte como sólo amigo </3 but either way her songs got me threw it all, She is absolutely amazing person♥ who had a beautiful voice so much to live for,everybody LOVED & RESPECTED this beautiful, amazing women! && always will, just and amazing girl♥ when I was lil I actually wanted to be like her (but I suck at singing) so that did go as a plan haha all good, her songs always put a smile one me whenever im feeling sad THANK YOU SELENA R.I.P selena quintanilla always will be the queen of TexMix

An awesome singer | Reviewer: Tere | 3/11/13

I didn't know nothing of her until her death. My brother on the other hand would attend many of her concerts. I wished I had too. I have every piece of her every song she sings. Fantastic voice. My favorite is "No Me Queda mas". It makes me cry everytime I hear it. She one artist who could have gone far. God Bless her where ever she is.

i love selena | Reviewer: FlorSelena | 4/19/12

when i was born my family decided to name me after her. . . i was absolutely glad that it was after her because i know she will always be la Reina del TexMex and all. . . i love her music and her legacy will remain forever <3

Amazing <3 | Reviewer: berenize | 4/5/12

I am only 12 years old and when she died I still didnt exist but when I heard about her I fell in love with her music I luv her everytime I hear selena I get interested in it wether it selena quintanilla or selena gomez

my childhood | Reviewer: saniata | 2/23/12

Wow I just want to say she was and still is my idol!!...when I was
A child I always wanted to meet her that was one of my dreams, I remember
I told my dad one day ”dad can you take me one day to one of her
Conserts I would love to go”, he told yes one day I will, but sadly he died
and Selena too, so I never met her or either to go with mu father,
She had great her voice, the she was so sweet with her fanss and god
We miiss her!!! After so many yars of her dead we still play her wonderful
Music and I know its going to be this way frm now and on. You would
Always be in our hearts Selena <3!!!!

i love this song | Reviewer: Jesus Vedoy | 10/26/11

im only 17 and i dont remember much about selena other than she was an amazing singer and many people loved her. so when i heard that i was going to play no me queda mas in my mariachi class, i listened to the song and i fell in love. i wish i could've gotten into selena a little more in my childhood.
i know i could never sing this song as well as selena, but i do plan on singing from my soul when we perform it.

The singer I will never forget forever you will be in my heart. | Reviewer: Morena | 10/20/10

Selena you show me to become confident of myself. I will Alway's remember you I remember the day I was working as a receptionist in my desk the radio was on and I started crying because they said you have die. I could not understand. I was feeling so bad for your parent's. but you're still around as thank you so much.

what a gal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/10

wowm i love selena!!!!!! she just amazing... her sweet voice and the beuty of a godess.... he musice is just out of this world!! and this song is somthing els.... it disappoints me that she didnt see her english album!!! shot just befor it came out.... i wounder how the family is doing..

Childhood memories with selena | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

im 20 yrs old and when i was small..about 4-5 i loved selena. I would sing and dance to all her songs. when she died i was so sad. she was amazing. i often think of how big and what an impressionable artist she would be today had her life not been ended so soon.

Selena Touched Everyone's Hearts | Reviewer: Erica | 6/20/10

I'm from Corpus and I still remember vividly when Selena died. I was in High School and on my way to another class when a stranger came up to me and said, "Selena's dead". People were crying in the hallways. It was very emotional. It sounds cheesy, but she touched all of our lives in one way or another. Some of us loved her music, some had not really gotten into it yet. But everyone knew who she was. She brought us such pride as a city--whether you were Hispanic or not. She was a sweet person and a wonderful performer and she's still missed. I just thought about her out of nowhere the other day. I hadn't listened to her in years, but it was like I'd just heard her music yesterday. She was such a powerful singer and that fact that she left this world so early still makes me cry. Her music lives on, though, thanks to all of us.

R.I.P. SELENA A V0CAL G0DESS! | Reviewer: Kelly | 3/20/10


the best singer in the WORLD | Reviewer: chevonney | 1/26/10

selena is the best singer in the world i heard of her when i was nine and my mom and i watched the movie and after i watched the movie i couldnt stop wachin it i luv all her spanish and english songs. here is a site for all selena fans
1 more thing i HATE yolanda saldevar

SELENA . YOUR MEMORY LIVES ON. TAKEN TOO SOON | Reviewer: tapu | 12/23/09

I am a huge fan of Selena, and like others before me, I was turned on to her music after her passing. I enjoy this song especially. Selena was able to capture such emotion in this piece, it was very moving. I memorized her lyrics, although I did not understand every word it was just so moving, it touched my soul. Rest in love Selena, your music and memory will live on forever in our hearts.

never knew! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/09

honestly i didnt really know her music til she was gone. i heard of her, but that was about it. but i heard, i was stuck. my girls and i luv her music. no one can even come close to doin a cumbia the way she did it. with the help from a.b ! and lets not forget los dinos.i am a singer and i do selena in my shows, and the people luv it! LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY,LET HER MUSIC PLAY ON ALWAYS!!!!

la-menolz-rd | Reviewer: meli | 2/11/09

you'll be always alive in my heart, y en el corazon de muchos..... i'll never for get you selena!...... i loe all ur songs specially no me queda mas, dreaming of you, a & i could fall in love, thanks selena, u are really special to me... selena & D.Y.
i luBB you guys...... =] =] =]

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