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Cults No Hope Lyrics

Last updated: 10/18/2013 08:23:35 AM

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Calm sort of feeling
They're all turned to gray
The days much colder
and there's not much left to say
Tried to stop from shaking
Want to feel you close
You kept your distance
when I needed you the most

The sun was bright,
it never shined
I know you're mine
But still I cry

It makes no difference
If you turn away
No hope for me now
Better off that way
Only left a moment
That's all it took
No sound for me now
Foundation shook

Burned down the bridges
Burned down the town
Forget tomorrow,
no one's around
Searched all the ditches
And all the sounds
That's why tomorrow
Won't come around

The sun was bright
It never shines
I know you're mine
But I still I die

There's no...hope
For the wicked inside myself
No..hope [x3]
for the the wicked or the good
No..hope [x3]
For the wicked inside myself
No..hope [x3]
For the wicked or the good

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