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Sahara Hotnights No For An Answer Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 02:10:16 PM

I'm just calling to say that finally I've lost counting
How many broken dreams and wasted hours waiting
With a feeling of being somewhere to fill the space and
Just to leave once again knowing you're still hesitating

No for an answer was not what I was hoping for
I'm sure I could have taken it if you had told me before
I dressed up in armour to dare follow you home
Now I let you believe
My nerves are out of steel ¿
My heart's out of stone

I'm sick of the dips and the kicks and what comes
With the price of your company
Well your kisses won't stick and like water your praisings run off of me
I'm ............................................
Doing whatever I please as if you were serving a royalty
When you say I'm sweet with my needs all I hear is you pitying

Waking up in the middle of comedy and tragedy
Desperately trying to spot some kind of loyalty
Is it all in my mind is it dragons and demons and fantasies
That your righteous ambitions would only be phrases and charity
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