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Michael W. Smith No Eye Had Seen Lyrics

Last updated: 08/23/2014 06:15:36 AM

Words: Amy Grant
Music: Michael W. Smith

No eye had seen
No ear had heard
'Til hosts on high
Proclaimed the birth
And heav'n brough down
(Quietly with no one watching)
Its only child
(From the womb of perfect peace)
The son of man
(Wellspring of our joy delivered)
The world reconciled
(Into earthly destiny)

And song broke forth
Angelic strain
And none could help
But sing the name

(Kyrie eleison we sing)
(Glory to the newborn King)
(Mortal and immortal voices)
(Endless praises echoing)

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Incredible | Reviewer: Mike | 8/22/14

This is one of those songs that is a timeless, beautiful and inspirational all at once. It can bring tears to your eyes when you finally break through the melody and listen to the words, all of them since there are so many melodies and countermelodies intertwining and rich ly composed , superimposed on one another.