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Anaheim, California. Little Eric Stefani writes his first
song, "Stick It In The Hole," about a pencil sharpener,
forcing sister Gwen to sing along. Gwen was more interested
in The Sound of Music.

Born and raised in England, relocated to SoCal at age 11,
Tony Kanal joins his high-school jazz band in 10th grade as
the bass player, although he had previously played the

Ninth grader Adrian Young attempts to drum to "Bend Over'
by O.C. band Doggy Style at a school talent contest;
several years later, when More...

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Review about No Doubt songs
@lorrin RE:spider | Reviewer: J.R.
    ------ About the song Spiderwebs performed by No Doubt

I know it's hard for young folks to imagine, but the ubiquity of cell phones that could be turned off is a VERY recent thing. Ten years ago, when this song came out, cellular phones were popular, but not everybody had one. There were some families where nobody had one. The majority of teenagers, who were the audience for a song like this, didn't have one.

Instead, there was a house phone. There were maybe one or two of them in the house. You couldn't turn it off. Even if you could, you wouldn't be allowed to, because then everyone else in the house would risk missing their important phone calls. What you COULD do was set up an answering machine, and then when the phone rang, you could actually hear the person on the other end leaving a message. If it was someone you actually wanted to talk to, you could pick up and talk to them before they finished their message and hung up. That's called "screening calls," which is exactly what this song is about!

tragic kingdom/spiderwebs | Reviewer: Brad Cox
    ------ About the song Spiderwebs performed by No Doubt

I love the tragic kingdom album.its perfect to listen to in your car while riding.gonna get this cd again one day.gwen has a wonderful voice for anyone to say this album sucks you must suck.

great song | Reviewer: bella
    ------ About the song Don't Speak performed by No Doubt

I can relate to this song aswome song no doudt the best. I just gotta say i saw some of the reviews and that was not kool everybody has a right to express them self.. People can be soooo rude. Eh.. Well still #1 for me

Crap! | Reviewer: Adam
    ------ About the song Don't Speak performed by No Doubt

While I do agree that the lyrics make sense, it still doesn't alter the fact that it is a really crappy song. Awfully overrated, with irritating vocals. The amount of times they plugged this on the radio and TV on its release... uuurrrgh! Vomit bag please!

love this song | Reviewer: mel
    ------ About the song Just A Girl performed by No Doubt

lol danced to this song in a recital when I was little and I loved it, but I never knew what song it was until about three years later when I heard it on my friend's ipod! This song is still amazing!

Good song | Reviewer: Emily
    ------ About the song Just A Girl performed by No Doubt

I used to listen to No Doubt all the time when I was younger. I listened to my sisters CDs and am surprised that I can remember the lyrics years later. I miss their old stuff compared to today's. :(

listening to this.. | Reviewer: simone
    ------ About the song Everything In Time (Los Angeles) performed by No Doubt

.. always takes me back to my relationship with my ex.. we met while i was drifting, i began living with him, and we eventually became so intertwined with each others mess, that it became too much to handle. there are many things that i had shared only with that person, great and terrible. but this song fit perfectly for how it ended between us. i as well believe for everything there is a reason, and i learned so much from being with this person. i like the song so much, just because of how i related to it.

the climb | Reviewer: sydney kelly
    ------ About the song The Climb performed by No Doubt

i love the climb it can be taken in so many diffrnt ways me my best friends dad is the leader of the pedle for hope and he is play the part were she said " threr is going to bde another mauntan and someone is going to lose so then he puts up some pics of people that are dieing so peoelpe can reconnize all the people that are diing

spider | Reviewer: lorrin
    ------ About the song Spiderwebs performed by No Doubt

This song im guessing is about a guy\girl that has someone calling them 24\7 or trying to keep intouch with them?why not just turn off your phone when you go sleep so you don't have any nightmares.all this song does is keep me in question like why is he so sounds as if he wants to kill himself and he scared of the person who keeps stalking him I guess.just grow up and tell the other person to get a life I guess would tell rall person who wrote this lame song.I hope its not even a song because if anything its not going to make anyone feel any better but worst as if they were in the same situation as this crack head.
This song sucks and has no good reason to exist.

nox! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spiderwebs performed by No Doubt

The song talks about how sometimes we get involved with people that are pests. To avoid these people we must lie and take drastic measures to get rid of the situation. This song doesn't only apply to people; it can apply to any given scenario where something is bothering us. “Don't have the courage inside me to tell you please let me be” speaks of how humans have a difficult time telling someone how they truly feel about something. Thus, it cause them to get stuck in the person’s ‘spiderwebs.’ Until we do something about our problem we’re just a ‘prey’ in the spider’s web. Ultimately, the moral is to just face your problems head on and speak your mind, don’t hold back just to protect one’s feelings. Lee is awesome like a possum.

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