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No Curfew Biography

Last updated: 05/10/2002 02:03:24 AM

Back in california, during the height of alternative rock and polished up pop punk, a band formed called BlackCrown. Driven by two leading members, Ryan Cron and Ryan Black, the band slowly grew out of the garage and grew into performing for an audience. Going through several different lineup changes and personal crisis, the band found it hard to stay together, yet prevailed through the toughest of times.

Experimenting with early metal, grunge, and different sound effects, the band eventually came up with an original (if not necessarily good) sound. Due to creative difficulties, Ryan Cron left the band and persued a recording and performing career in Salt Lake City in a band called The Dannites. The band formerly known as BlackCrown latched on to a corporate engine and created a cleaned up version of the previous band, which is now known as No Curfew. Thus ends the first chapter in this band's story.

Thanks to Anonymous, yet a reliable source - if you want to ask any more questions for submitting the biography.