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No Cash is a gritty ska/hardcore band the likes of the
Choking Victim family of bands (CV, morning glory, leftover
crack, indk), with a style that consists of fast, heavy
guitar with ska interludes, driving octave guitar solos,
and abrasive vocals. No Cash has no direct relation to the
aforementioned bands, but plays almost exactly the same
music. The difference, however, is noticeable, especially
for someone like myself who really likes the other bands.
The differences are actually aspects which I think are
better in this band than More...

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HEY | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song Knowledge Is Power performed by No Cash

Just so you guys know, the line is "useless facts in trade of my misery" instead of "useless facts and lies of your white history". The lyrics were originally written the latter way, but it was changed in the actual recording. If you don't believe me, listen for yourself and then tell me he says anything about white history.

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