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No Cash is a gritty ska/hardcore band the likes of the Choking Victim family of bands (CV, morning glory, leftover crack, indk), with a style that consists of fast, heavy guitar with ska interludes, driving octave guitar solos, and abrasive vocals. No Cash has no direct relation to the aforementioned bands, but plays almost exactly the same music. The difference, however, is noticeable, especially for someone like myself who really likes the other bands. The differences are actually aspects which I think are better in this band than the others. For one, the songs have real guitar solos and a Bigwig like style where the licks actually drive some of the songs, showing a better grasp for their instruments. Another change is that they manage to construct longer songs and actually have a lot of music on the cd…something which anyone who bought the Leftover Crack cd “Mediocre Generica” which has about fifteen minutes of actual music on it, will tell you is a definite plus. the lyrics are well put together, with sociopolitical themes like war, poverty, terrorism, consumption, the free market, and child labor. They do not, however, abandon the political incorrectness of LOC and CV (for instance, there is a leftover crack song about September 11th titled “Super Tuesday”), with some choice lines as “burn a church” (pierce the gates) and “kill all cops” (wilkes-booth style). standout tracks include Life Sucks, which opens the cd with an all out spit in the face style; Pierce the Gates, which has the crack rock steady beat and solid guitar work; A Better Tomorrow, for its minute long Goonies intro and awesome guitar lines; and the final song Run Your Pockets for the well integrated piano. This is an awesome cd, with good lyrics, good musicianship, good songs, and some awesome ideas. Don’t dismiss them as another shock band, they are for real. this album was self recorded and self produced, and when they get some attention they will be in the top of the ranks in punk music. buy it, support them.

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No-Cash | Reviewer: john young | 2/9/2007

there pretty fucking sweet, eh??

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