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No Angels Biography

Last updated: 05/10/2002 12:08:13 AM

The Girls: Lucy, Sandy, Vanessa, Jessica, Nadja

Lucy, Age: 24, Birthday: 02.04.1976, Star Sign: Aries

Lucy has been living in Germany for nearly six years and came to Hamburg to do a course at the Stage School of Dance & Drama.

Her early years in Germany were really hard for her, because she spoke no German. Lucy comes from an artistic Bulgarian family: her mother is a concert pianist and her father a trained opera singer. Lucy enjoys spending her free time at her computer, and likes to chat. Where Lucy's musical preferences are concerned, one thing comes first: quality!

Lucy describes herself as a child of the theatre, because she virtually grew up in the opera house. She made her first stage appearance at six. Lucy's first wish was to study classical singing; but when she first took the stage "as herself" at the age of 14, she knew that pop music was the thing for her! After breaking off her course at the Stage School, Lucy took a part in the Hamburg production of "Buddy", a musical in which Lucy had already worked while at Stage School. Lucy sums up her character in the following words: honest, emotional, frank and happy. Lucy knows what she wants - she is living in the "here and now" and enjoying life!

Sandy, Age: 19, Birthday: 27.04.1981, Star Sign: Taurus

After passing her intermediate school exam, Sandy "took a look" at the fashion business and worked on the floor in a jeans shop. Now, she thinks getting the chance to earn her living from singing and dancing is fantastic.

Sandy grew up with her mother but recently moved into a shared flat with one of her older brothers. Sandy's mother can understand her daughter's wish for a great singing career, because she used to dream of it herself ...

Sandy sees herself as ambitious and self-confident. She has a great sense of humour and laughs a lot, but has her moods too.

Apart from that, she describes herself as discreet, uncomplicated and strong-willed. Sandy likes just about everything except oom-pa-pa music and is particularly fond of Destiny's Child, Shania Twain, Ricky Martin, Montell Jordan and Aaliyah. Her outright role model is Whitney Houston. Her philosophy of life is: enjoy what you're doing. She keeps fit by cycling and some gym work.

Vanessa, Age: 21, Birthday: 23.10.1979, Star Sign: Libra

Vanessa won't be pursuing her journalism studies just yet, because she needs all her energy and all her concentration for a completely different goal: storming the charts as a member of the new German girl group!

Vanessa has long wanted to get into showbiz. Her father is a dubbing editor and actor, and she followed in his footsteps by doing part-time dubbing work for advertising, TV and film while at school and college. At the same time, she gained her first impressions of the media world. Vanessa describes herself as emotional, ambitious and self-confident and as "very temperamental, but well-adjusted."

She likes music by Whitney Houston, Carole King, Toni Braxton and Destiny's Child and her favourite singers include Ricky Martin and Anastacia. But her really big favourite is Jennifer Lopez. That makes sense, because her mother (half Spanish, half South American) both taught her Spanish and bequeathed to her her Latin temper.

The actors she really likes include Benno F├╝rmann and Ryan Phillipe. The athletic Berlin girl likes singing and dancing, is a real bookworm and loves riding. Vanessa had been really serious about her studies, because she was genuinely interested in an editorial job in the media sector, but being a singer was certainly a serious alternative

Jessica, Age: 23, Birthday: 02.02.1977, Star Sign: Aquarius

Jessica would have undoubtedly qualified as a travel agent next May if it hadn't been for the new German girl group, to which she now belongs. Given the chance to join the Popstars band and start on a great career, Jessica has no problems about giving up her job.

Jessica grew up with her mother and then shared a flat in Bad Nauheim with her girl friend Miriam.

Her positive characteristics, as Jessica sees it, include being frank, affectionate and ambitious. She is a bit less positive about her untidiness and the way she can be a bit lazy and bad-tempered. Jessica also has a secret passion: shoes! She cannot pass a store without buying another pair for her collection.

Jessica's taste in music crosses the spectrum, but she is particularly fond of soul, rap, crossover, house and two-step.

Her personal top singers are Whitney Houston, Gabrielle, R Kelly, Destiny's Child and Xavier Naidoo. Among actors and actresses, she is particularly keen on Brad Pitt, Holly Hunter, Meg Ryan and Sean Connery.

Jessica's hobbies include singing and dancing - as you'd expect and also reading, cooking, watching TV and just "chilling out in the open air". Her favourite sports are riding, step aerobics and jazz dance.

Nadja, Age: 18, Birthday: 23.10.1982, Star Sign: Taurus

Nadja likes singing and dancing. No wonder she is delighted at her nomination to join the band and the chance it gives her to be a really big name.

True, she's sorry she will be giving up evening classes and won't be re-taking her intermediate school exam just yet, but there's plenty of time for that!

Nadja describes herself as strong, ambitious, frank, tolerant and sometimes temperamental and awkward.

She likes going to the cinema in her free time, is very fond of sushi and spends most time on her biggest hobby, singing and dancing.
It's noteworthy and instructive too that her hobbies include tidying up and going to school!

Nadja doesn't do as much sport as she used to, when she still did martial arts and went swimming regularly.

But her nomination as band member will put sport back on the agenda for sure.

Nadja's favourite music includes soul, hip-hop, trip-hop, R'n'B, funk and punk. Her favourite singers are Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Kelly Price and her very favourite actor is Denzel Washington.