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Kurt Donald Cobain was the leader of Nirvana, the
multi-platinum grunge band that redefined the sound of the

Cobain was born on the 20th of February 1967 in Hoquaim, a
small town 140 kilometres south-west of Seattle. His mother
was a cocktail waitress and his father was an auto
mechanic. Cobain soon moved to nearby Aberdeen, a depressed
and dying logging town.

Cobain was for most his childhood a sickly bronchitic
child. Matters were made worse when Cobain's parent's
divorced when he was seven and More...

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Review about Nirvana songs
one of my favourite nirvana songs | Reviewer: roos
    ------ About the song Lithium performed by Nirvana

I love nirvana and I love Kurt Cobain, many girls these days wear nirvana shirts or claim to like it and only know one sing or discribe Kurt as the 'drugaddict who shot himself' so I understand why a lot of people conplain about teens who 'like' nirvana these days. But I'm 15 year old and I listen to a lot of rock music and grunt (or however you write that) and some other styles. And I know most of the nirvana songs from my head. I love them for their music it's just so pure and real while lots of music right now is just a kind of random. I don't think all bands now don't have meanings but I think a kot of them do. It's music but it doesn't have that deeper meaning when you read between the lines and that makes me kinda sad... (sorry for my English, I'm Dutch and have dyslexia)

Been a son Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Been A Son performed by Nirvana

Kurt wrote this song about a female lead singer for a punk band in seattle. She was killed in a horrible way due to her sexual orientation. He wrote this song to pay tribute to her and in hopes that her murder would not have been forgotten.Her murder is still unsolved. Unfortunately so is Kurt's

Being different | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song Floyd The Barber performed by Nirvana

The typical average majority human has an IQ around 100. I have an IQ way above 100. I don't fit into the majority at all. I was born with a differently functioning brain. My different functioning is high intelligence.

Cobain was imagining a scenario of what if someone odd and different were to enter the world of the Andy Griffith show. going into a small town in the 1060s, or even today.

To get what this song means, you have to be odd and different with high intelligence.

This spirit of Kurt Cobain. | Reviewer: Hades Adams
    ------ About the song Where Did You Sleep Last Night performed by Nirvana

To all youse guys/girls out their ,If Kurt was alive still and read all this incorrect and dispicuble information youse have put out their he would of just simply told use all to
"Go fuck your selves". He would'nt like how all of you are competing with
"who is the biggest nirvana fan". Like seriously, Kurt saw all his fans as equal people, he also saw him self as a person the same as you or me. He was just a man who gave the time and devotion to create excellent poetry, He also learned how to play all his diffrent Idol's Music in his own style of performance. This song was Origionaly wrote by a Unknown Old Folk singer back in the late 1800's and has been coverd by many diffrent artist all in their own diffrent individual ways.

Also people who are spelling his name curt and spelling words wrong, hay guys good on ya hay! Like im
Serious man , kurt was a horrible speller and did not give too fucks about it.

So to the people out their ripping on these young kids about their spelling and saying your all the biggest fans... Kurt did not care. If you wanto do something fun! Go research who Kurt Cobain was, reaserch his idols, beliefs, history of his childhood, and discover the meanings to his music in your own way.

R.I.P Kurt Cobain and let your legacy live on mate.

Long live Grunge music...

jakub | Reviewer: jakubbx
    ------ About the song Milk It performed by Nirvana

god i remember this song live in roseland ballroom it was fucking amazing i remember pushing through the crowd to the front row i remember making eye contact with kurt he was looking down at the crowd then he looked down at me unforgetable moment );

jakub | Reviewer: jakubbx
    ------ About the song Paper Cuts performed by Nirvana

i think its about an animal that has been taken away from his family and brought to a circus the lyrics my whole existence is for your amusment explain why i think the animal has been taken away to a circus and locked away the lyrics she pushes food through the door and i see others just like me why do they not try to escape also explain it i think every nirvana song is about what you make it be thats why so many people felt like kurt was talking to them in his music

This is a Stone Temple Pilots song | Reviewer: today's music makes me want to jump off a bridge
    ------ About the song Half The Man I Used To Be performed by Nirvana

I apologize to all of you former Bieber fans who are now just discovering what real music is, but this is STP, not Nirvana. I really can't believe that this is even a discussion when you can Google each band's discography and see for yourself.

Bipolar Disorder | Reviewer: Kris
    ------ About the song All Apologies performed by Nirvana

Nobody seems to mention the fact that he was suffering from Bipolar Disorder. He was very ill and that wasn't his fault and that doesn't come from "worshipping satan". It's a medical illness of the brain. Bipolar Disorder has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Unfortunately he lost his battle with this illness as many do.

Self Sacrafice | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Jesus Doesn't want Me for a Sunbeam performed by Nirvana

Dude... Satan is real, not only is he a tangeable force but he works his magic to make fitting whatever he wants to see, basically a bunch of reclusive lost souls in contemplation of a beautiful song that is the person refusal of the light God gave him because he is more complex and tangeable in sin, which is only and always the refusal of the qualities a person in Jesus for a person in sin. Let us try to relate to this song in a very real way, because when I can talk to a girl I never met across hundereds of miles... Sumpthins Up...

Horror | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lake Of Fire performed by Nirvana

The Fourth of July is the end of the world when we all wont have time to recompense our sins and will FINALLY be one with those in eternal torment. God be with those who grasp that Hell is a real place as I could hear the most hellish sounds coming from deep inside an ac unit when I was living in an old hotel, like a portal... God is the opposite of horror and this song is the sermon on the mount... If you havent experienced horror in your life... Real Horror... then your just waiting for the end. I lie, but not about this....

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