Nine Inch Nails Lyrics

FORMED: 1989, Cleveland, OH

Ten years after Pretty Hate Machine gave a comatose rock
scene some much-needed electro-shock therapy, nine inch
nails' imprint on the genre remains unmatchable. By
popularizing electronic music, nine inch nails auteur Trent
Reznor rewired the mainstream, inspiring Time magazine to
name him "One of the Most Influential People in America,"
and Spin to praise him as "The Most Vital Artist in Music

The Grammy Award-winning artist is once again forcing the
genre's growth - and his own - by pushing More...

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Review about Nine Inch Nails songs
Makes me feel alive | Reviewer: Skywalker
    ------ About the song Wish performed by Nine Inch Nails

Just a few days ago I saw the awesome Nin live show, and when they played this song, it just made me go wild! There's something about the feeling of it. Bad luck fist fuck! Notice he makes a gesture when he sings that part..
About all the covers: I found one by Behemoth. It's cool but not my thing.

This song is about self-loathing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Closer performed by Nine Inch Nails

The whole album is about self-loathing. Everything you need to know is in the first song, Mr. Self Destruct. It's like an overture for a play about someone who hates himself so badly that he kills himself, which he does in the second to last song. Closer is about the momentary relief he gets from sex, but that ends up making him hate himself that much more. (Listen to the repeated "help me" chants throughout the song. They aren't mating calls--they are cries for help.) The reason that the person who he is fucking gets him closer to God is because each meaningless fuck gets him one step closer to killing himself. Not a cheery message, but this isn't a comedy album. It's freaking brutal.

Daihjavue | Reviewer: J.tripe
    ------ About the song And All That Could Have Been performed by Nine Inch Nails


Massive suicide cordial invitation | Reviewer: you
    ------ About the song Burn performed by Nine Inch Nails

It caches the anger we've all felt against the system, each other and ourselves, and it just keeps that feeling down while it rises beneath the skin so it can all be unleashed when he says "I'm gonna burn this whole world down". So cathartic, so perfect.

A theory | Reviewer: Frame
    ------ About the song All Time Low performed by Nine Inch Nails

Here is my little theory on our man Trent here in this particular scenario that he so funkily paints for us: In short, the "stripped across the sky" he speaks of is his, I argue, last great addiction - which is possibly having sex with many women or multiple partners. This makes a lot of sense, coinciding with much of the subtext of the verse lines as well. They seem to implicate some kind of addiction or substance use/abuse and I think the use of "fuck" in there could have a very opaque context in this lyric.
The song seems like a half-love letter to his new found love/apparent soul-mate; also speaks about the elephant in his (and hers) room, which is that: she knows - and he knows and is acknowledging that he knows she knows. And is (as is his usual paradigm) apologizing and confessing a mistake-side-of-him persona that he carries as blatantly as a make-up kit for goths.

This is HORRIBLE | Reviewer: Caden Malott
    ------ About the song All Time Low performed by Nine Inch Nails

This song is amazing, but the lyrics are WAY off. "This paranoia doesn't fade"?? It's supposed to be "This paranoia turns to fear". "Stripped across the sky" should be "Stretched across the sky". "Shot the gun you know" should be "Shut the g*****n door".

Source: Hesitation Marks Booklet

you should know | Reviewer: Roberto
    ------ About the song In Two performed by Nine Inch Nails

I just don't know anymore
I just don't know anymore.
I just don't know anymore.
I just don't know anymore.
I just don't know anymore.
I just don't know anymore.
I just don't know anymore.

Well not write anymore but do sound because you can do it very good
pay somebody else to write your lyrics

with love


My review of your lyrics | Reviewer: Ron
    ------ About the song Various Methods of Escape performed by Nine Inch Nails

These are terrible. I listened to the song along to these lyrics and they are so off it's embarrassing. "Hallucinate in hi fidelity". C'mon man. And that's just the first line, dood.

trent belongs too I AM! | Reviewer: matthew
    ------ About the song God Given performed by Nine Inch Nails

i dont see it so much as mockery, but exsposure the church or the body of Christ is not what ive found at the local church or churchs. in fact this song nails it. but God is sovereighn He knows whats up and who belongs to Him. what i find cool as shit is that trent has been directly hatig on God for his whole career. and now i hear him redirecting to the so called christian church as we know it. as did Jesus when He was here. HE told them they were whtewashed tombs clean on the outside and notsomuch inside, He tolld the leaders of that day that the daddy was the devil, while those that would listen to HIM were the undesirerables and HE began His church, or body. and as for the piece of wood, read the book of acts, the apostle paul said the same thing way back then and he was pissing everyone off, im sure they felt mocked

no fuckig way! | Reviewer: matthew
    ------ About the song The Great Destroyer performed by Nine Inch Nails

the more i lsten to this album, the more im convinced that he is reading the word of God, and know trent aint ur god, thats like the piece of wood in the other song, he is talented b/c His creator made him that way

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