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Nikki Flores Biography

Last updated: 12/06/2012 05:43:30 PM

At the age of 23, Nikki Flores has already discovered who she is as both a musician and a young woman. With a powerful voice and the ability to stand out with little or no accompaniment, Nikki Flores follows the footsteps of her idols Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey while carving out a path of her own. With the ability to craft lyrics that touch people across the spectrum and an amazing touch on the piano, Nikki is able to separate herself from the majority of today’s artists. She possesses the innocent beauty and charm of a young pop star and the musical prowess associated with true musicians, a combination that makes her a formidable force in today’s music climate.

In 2008, Nikki collaborated with super producer Brian Kennedy to create her biggest (and most personal) song to date. Since posting a demo version of it online, “Let It Slide” has over 20million combined listens. She claims to be most proud of this song because of how relatable it is to her audience. “I was only writing about something that was so true for me in my life at that time. I released it on a whim and the response I got was overwhelming” she says. “The messages I receive from girls all over the world, telling me that my song saved them from going back to an abusive relationship, or gave them the strength they needed to move on, is exactly why I do what I do. Music reaches so many people, and I’m so proud to spread a positive message”.

While it’s tempting to instantly lump the gorgeous young musician in with the pop princesses and tween queens, one listen to her deeply personal, well rounded developing album solidifies her as a true artist. “I’m not going to sit back and let people tell me how to run my career. ‘I’m not that kind of person,” Flores says. “I’m way too opinionated and hard headed.”

Nikki Flores possesses a musicality that belies her age and the passionate desire to share her talents and opinions with the masses. With that combination, Nikki is now primed to make her imprint on the music industry.