Nikka Costa Lyrics

(Born: June 4, 1972)

Nikka Costa's career began at age five when she sang with
Don Ho in Hawaii for a Christmas release produced by her
father, Don Costa, who had worked with the likes of Frank
Sinatra and Paul Anka. In her father's home recording
studio, the young Costa would hang out with stars like
Quincy Jones and Sammy Davis Jr. Concerts and performing
have represented some of the most significant moments in
Costa's life.

Although she was raised and lives in Los Angeles, she was
born in Tokyo during the Tokyo Music Festival. More...

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Reviews about Nikka Costa songs

an everlasting one!!! | Reviewer: djerry
    ------ About the song Theme From Ice Castles (Through The Eyes Of Love) performed by Nikka Costa

The very first time I heard this song was when I was still in elementary school, around 1980's... my dad bought the album and I started to fall in love with the song and the other songs, including 'Tomorrow' and 'Trick or treat'.... and now in 2007, I always tell everybody that Costa was the one who actually, originally, sang the song not others!!!! Unfortunately, a friend of mine borrowed it and he lost it.... I really wonder where I can buy that album around here in Indonesia??? I've been so desperately looking for it.... please, anyone, send me e-mail if you have the information... thx a million!!! Love ya, Costa!!

very good singer | Reviewer: kimberly
    ------ About the song On My Own performed by Nikka Costa

i hear this song when i was a child and my dad yous to play this song and i relly liked this song thet allthe times thet i had a minuet i yoused to play and play until iknowed all the song bye heart and know i am 11 yers old and i allways sing this song wherever i will go, even ain the shower i will sang this song this is so good sond i want to tell nikka costa very well done! and kepp it up!

most beautiful song for loving | Reviewer: Phil from Belgium
    ------ About the song On My Own performed by Nikka Costa

each time i play this song; love embrace me and i
feel love. grace for everibody and hve a nice day

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