Nikka Costa Albums

  • Pro*whoa Album (6/21/2011)
    Never Wanna C U Again
    Head First
    Nylons In A Rip
    Not The Only One
    Everybody Loves You When You Are Dead
    Ching Ching Ching
    Song For Stadiums

  • Pebble To A Pearl Album (10/20/2008)
    Stuck To You
    Can't Please Everybody
    Pebble To A Pearl
    Someone For Everyone
    Cry Baby
    Keep Wanting More
    Keep Pushin'
    Love To Love You Less
    Without Love
    Damn I Said It First
    Loving You
    Bullets In The Sky

  • can'tneverdidnothin' Album (5/24/2005)
    Till I Get To You
    Fooled Ya Baby
    I Gotta Know
    Around The World
    Swing It Around
    Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter
    On & On
    Happy In The Morning
    Hey Love
    Fatherless Child

  • Everybody Got Their Something Album (5/22/2001)
    Like A Feather
    So Have I For You
    Tug Of War
    Everybody Got Their Something
    Hope It Felt Good
    Some Kind Of Beautiful
    Just Because
    Push & Pull
    Corners Of My Mind

  • Butterfly Rocket Album (6/1/1996)

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