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Rick Ross Nike Airs Crisp Tee's Lyrics

Last updated: 09/20/2007 11:00:00 AM

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Nike Airs And Crisp Tees uh huh (x’s 8) Jay-Z

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Rick Rizzle The Rich Nizzle

See this the M.I.A.
O yea and in my day
I had that all white
They call me Ben Yaw Way
She walk for medicine
They pop her medicine
Still whip it real hard
As a veteran
I’m the possession man
Like a concession stand
Fried chickens and onions
I got that pepper man
Yo? Wanna go for a ride?
I drive it all night
But now I'm all right
Laid back
Low top
All White

Nike Airs And Crisp Tees uh huh (x’s 8) Jay-Z

Yeah this my single
The five single
Like Pitbull I hustle bilingle
Mommy benakey
Domme come choke on my tomma
I got a hustla diploma
Yea we can smoke in my hummer
Fluffy crip
And it’s pretty sticky
Got her grinding on a nigga
Like I’m Pretty Ricky
Those are pretty titties
Under your pretty Dickies
She like lick it lick it
I’m in my all white

Nike Airs And Crisp Tees uh huh (x’s 8) Jay-Z

Don’t kiss me
You can kiss my penis
The way she gave me brain
Hoe you’s a genius
Stay in this lane
I promise riches
Between me and you
That’s what I promise bitches
Janet Jackson
Naomi Campbell
Fat boys squat in the lowest lamble
Tallest spinners
Baller trimmings
2 tennis chains
My favorite tennis

Nike Airs And Crisp Tees uh huh (x’s 8) Jay-Z

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