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The year 2006 began with good news for Nightwish: Their
"Highest Hopes" Best-Of compilation had not only crossed
the Finnish Double Platinum mark of 60,000 sold copies, it
was also Finland's best-selling album of 2005, having sold
more than 65,000 times. With the media frenzy finally
slowing down, the band members found time to concentrate on
the important things again. Tuomas had already written the
majority of the new songs, Emppu recorded some new tunes
with the Finnish hard rock band Brother Firetribe, Marco
returned to the Tarot More...

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Review about Nightwish songs
karhez | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ghost Love Score performed by Nightwish

I just simply love Tarja, but youre right Eddie. This song Tarja was outscored by Floor. She is made for GHost love score. Beautiful song and masterpiece. Along with the years Thomas' music has become more mature. Thanks Thomas for sharing a bit of heaven.

Unfinished stories | Reviewer: DPB
    ------ About the song Beauty And The Beast performed by Nightwish

It seems this story isn't finished yet. Look at the many other Beauty and the Beast songs Nightwish has - including Beauty of the Beast - and you'll find it a recurring theme, but one that is yet without a finish. The lyrics are sad, for it is a powerful story and a powerful song.

There is one version of Beauty and the Beast I know where Beast stays an beast: Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley.

Like being hit with a ton of bricks, amazing song | Reviewer: Allison
    ------ About the song Dead Boy's Poem performed by Nightwish

I've never heard a song like this in my life ... that goes from the smallest sound of one voice to the enormous full on metal assault of Nightwish at its best ... it took me a while to wrap my head around it and now whenever I really want to blow someone away I make them listen to it till they love it too! ha ha
Especially love when the lead guitar kicks in the solo, very Pink Floyd-like... And after all isn't every man just a dead boy who grew up?

Tears song | Reviewer: Herobila sangtam
    ------ About the song Forever Yours performed by Nightwish

1 in a million song 'Forever yours' beautifully expressing some unspoken words that's in my heart... It really bring me tears whenever i listen to it!

I had been... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan performed by Nightwish

I had been listening to the live version of this song so I couldn't tell not the song the song from the album End Of An Era is better than the one off the Once album I don't know which one is singing which version but in my opinion the live version is much better "Former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon performed the song at Stockholms Kulturfestival with the backing of an orchestra, and without the band, despite not speaking Finnish fluently." that is the version I heard. https: //

A song of nightmares, yet filled with a ghoulish sort of beauty. | Reviewer: Shaku
    ------ About the song Scaretale performed by Nightwish

The song is epic. simple as that. It relies heavily on the symphonic side of Tuomas's style of composing, and is a good listen even as an instrumental, too. Feel-wise, it's dark, and sorta creepy, with a carnival vibe, and is distinctly harsher than most Nightwish pieces (kind of right there with Master Passion Greed, but with much heavier symphonic elements). The fusion of a rough, more gritty style of metal than most Nightwish, with the very prominent orchestra and choir can't be over-emphasized. It kinda reminded me of Advent: One Winged Angel, for those who've heard the Uematsu Nobuo masterpiece.

Discovered this sone in 2014 | Reviewer: Sonya Finkey
    ------ About the song Walking In The Air performed by Nightwish

I am old, but had never heard of The Snowman. I first listened to this song song on "Christmas Choral Classics" sung by the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Conducted by David Temple and backed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. I think it is one of the most beautiful tunes, so full of longing and gorgeous key changes. I love it. -- from Keaau, Hawaii, USA.

Original singer | Reviewer: Jan
    ------ About the song Walking In The Air performed by Nightwish

I have sung the song in the choir I belong to and the words you display are correct from the published music we sang from. Also how do you explain to someone when they insist Aled Jones was the original singer when all along I have known it was Peter Auty? Aled has a beautiful voice but if you listen carefully you can hear the difference.

It just got better! | Reviewer: Eddie
    ------ About the song Ghost Love Score performed by Nightwish

I've listened to the original studio version and loved it. Now there is a video of the band playing live at Wacken in 2013, this song is so awesome, especially the last couple of minutes, it took my breath away. Literally. I was gasping for breath after it ended!
I'm not sure about studio stuff but when Nightwish play live with Floor up front, they are even better than with Tarja singing, and that is high praise indeed.

Walking in the air | Reviewer: Pat Kissane
    ------ About the song Walking In The Air performed by Nightwish

Peter Auty sang the original song it was only two years later that Aled Jones released it. Peter was credited with singing the song when it was remastered in 2002. Great film/cartoon though, always a favourite. And a new version the Snowman and the Snowdog released for Christmas 2012, brilliant also.

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