Nightwish Albums

  • Imaginaerum Album (11/30/2011)
    Ghost River
    Slow, Love, Slow
    I Want My Tears Back
    Turn Loose The Mermaids
    Rest Calm
    The Crow, The Owl And The Dove
    Last Ride Of The Day
    Song Of Myself

  • Dark Passion Play Album (10/2/2007)
    The Poet And The Pendulum
    Bye Bye Beautiful
    Cadence Of Her Last Breath
    Master Passion Greed
    Whoever Brings The Night
    For The Heart I Once Had
    The Islander
    Last Of The Wilds
    7 Days To The Wolves
    Meadows Of Heaven

  • Nemo Album (8/14/2004)
    Planet Hell
    White Night Fantasy
    Nemo (Orchestral Version)
    Live To Tell The Tale

  • Once Album (5/31/2004)
    Dark Chest Of Wonders
    Wish I Had An Angel
    Planet Hell
    Creek Mary's Blood
    The Siren
    Dead Gardens
    Ghost Love Score
    Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
    Higher Than Hope
    Bonus Tracks
    White Night Fantasy
    Live To Tell The Tale

  • Ever Dream Album (8/14/2002)
  • Century Child Album (6/24/2002)
  • Over The Hills And Far Away Album (6/1/2001)
  • Wishmaster Album (7/18/2000)
  • Sleeping Sun Album (8/14/1999)
  • Walking In The Air Album (8/14/1999)
  • Ocean Born Album (10/1/1998)
  • Angels Fall First Album (5/1/1997)

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    Reviews about Nightwish albums

    Nothing is more divine than purity | Reviewer: Pheonix
        ------ About the album Dark Passion Play performed by Nightwish

    Some lyrics are a complete vague which in fact does not show a real meaning like the lyrics in Amaranth!!I love the poetic lyrics but still don,t know what it,s saying!In fact,nightwish is a great band and i,m a big fan of nightwish but sometimes,i wonder if within temptation mus+ be better....!i,m kind of confused!And besides,i don,t really care about the vocals whether it,s tarja or annette or sharon!what that matters most to me is actually the reavealing lyrics and yes of course,the music!what we expect most from nightwish is some heavier,faster stuffs!that,s all i can say!Okay,okay,nightwish is one of my favourites and farewell to tarja!

    oceanborn | Reviewer: Jaren
        ------ About the album Ocean Born performed by Nightwish

    This is a masterpiece of an album, featuring fast melodic guitar and keyboard, operatic vocals and a very non mainstream atmosphere. It is a shame that Nightwish only showed small parts of this brilliance in their later efforts, and 'dark passion play' should be avoided at all costs.

    Regular disc: 10/10. Instemental disc: 10/10. | Reviewer: singwhatyoucan'tsay
        ------ About the album Dark Passion Play performed by Nightwish

    I bought the collector's edition of this album, thinking that if I didn't like Annette's voice so much, it would still be worth my money. I'm so glad I bought this version. I love Annette's voice. You can tell that Nightwish has moved on from their split with Tarja. This My head spins whenever "The Poet and the Pendulum" starts. And it continues to spin throughout the entire album's 70+ minutes. Not to mention the orchestral version.

    And the lyrics...they're beautiful in their own dark way. One reason why I fell in love with Nightwish is because of the poetic lyrics. I'm glad that the change of singer didn't affect Toumas's lyrics. Yes, these songs are darker than what the band usually does, but there is still hope placed in the lyrics.

    This album is worth the money. If you don't like Annette's voice, I suggest you get the collector's edition, so you'll have an instrumental version of this album to listen to. If you're like me, and love Annette's voice, get the collector's edition anyway.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of any type of music. This has heavy metal, opera, Celtic, and just about everything in between.

    Review | Reviewer: Isharu
        ------ About the album Dark Passion Play performed by Nightwish

    Frankly this cd is overall pretty good, its got the appropriate instrumentals of Last of the Wilds. Rock, the cd can be both soothing and have its upbeat moments at the same time without ruining the theme of the cd at all. As for that whole business on a review about having their "creative license removed" well... all i can really say is clearly that person doesnt know the music industry, its not like being a cop or doctor or anything like that.

    I mean honestly if you needed a license to make music, how would you lose it? Public nudity... well i think most musical celebrities have covered racism, indecency, bad music, whineyness, dui's, just about anything that would get a license removed on anyone... lol

    Anyways overall the nightwish cd is definately good to listen to if your someone who can appreciate good beat in music.

    @ themetalheadreviewer | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Dark Passion Play performed by Nightwish

    Please, for the love of god, stop reviewing albums and spamming them on here. Your review was probably the biggest joke i've seen in weeks. One of the most biased, and frankly uninformed reviews i've seen. Your essentially trying to say "This band should not have the creative license to create the music they want and should create the same exact albums every single time, or it won't be good enough". Garbage.

    Tuomas has said it himself and it is evident on the album, that the entire band was held back by tarja and felt more and more like the band was about her exclusively. It was a very, very brave move both in the professional and the personal area to do such a major change like that, especially with simple minded viewers such as yourself (not exclusively you, a majority of music listeners simply do not like new or different things).

    This album is incredible. Every song stands out and has its own meanings. I've listened to all their previous albums extensively, and while I love the sound they had back then, they have moved on. The composition of these songs are so well done that I find myself loving each song more as I listen to them more. Not to mention the orchestral version which is a work of art on its own.

    Anette is an amazing singer. She's not tarja. Get over it. She performs incredibly well in both the album and live, considering the reputation she is forced to uphold. Nightwish was never meant to be tarja with some backup musicians, and Anette fits in 1000x better then tarja would in this album.

    So if you want the same old nightwish sound that is on their 5-6 other albums, don't look here. They made some great symphonic/power metal albums in the past, but this is not it. If you want to see a refreshingly new and inspirational album by an extremely talented band that is finally free from any creative restrictions, then look here. If you want an album that defies the simple minded critics like you will see below and is made of the music the band wanted to make, not what critics wanted, look here. If you want incredible music that breaks barriers between metal, "pop", folk, and orchestral music, and something with a thousand times more depth then you will find on the radio, buy this album. You won't regret it.

    11/10 by far. Highlights include The poet and the pendulum, cadence of her last breath, eva, the islander, last of the wilds; but every song is worth a listen. The band moved on. Deal with it but don't criticize them for doing what they want, although shocking in the narrow minded music industry, it created an amazing album and a promise of even more incredible feats from this one of a kind band.

    An excellent followup to Oceanborn! | Reviewer: TheMetalHeadReviewer
        ------ About the album Wishmaster performed by Nightwish

    Nightwish is a band that needs no introduction. Their sound is unique with the impressive and stylistic vocals of Tarja Turunen. Wishmaster is probably their last pure power metal album as their newer stuff is more symphonic instead. But the fantasy lyrics, killer keyboarding, and quick paced songs will please any power metal fan. A rundown of the songs:

    1. She is my Sin: In my opinion, the second best opener(next to Stargazers) of a Nightwish album. Great lyrics, great music, the works. (9.5/10)

    2. The Kinslayer: Excellent symphonic power metal track about The Columbine High shootings. Dark, fast, and kickass. (9.5/10)

    3. Come Cover Me: A love song. Not as good as the first two songs, but worthy of a listen. (8.5/10)

    4. Wanderlust: Awesome keyboard/guitar opening lead that really brings out the talent in Nightwish. Awesome power metal song. (9.7/10)

    5. Two For Tragedy: A slower song, but has a nice melody and works with Tarja's vocals on this one. Not the best but still good.(8.0/10)

    6. Wishmaster: The title track and best song on the album. Just listen to it and you will know why! (10/10)

    7. Bare Grace Misery: Much weaker than Wishmaster, but still holds it's own with a more "goth" metal feel to it. (8.5/10)

    8. Crownless: The fastest and most uplifting song on the album. Some of the best guitar and keyboard work Nightwish ever put out. (9.8/10)

    9. Deep Silent Complete: This song is one of the weaker songs on the album. Tarja really shines here, but the song is rather bland and it doesn't carry as well as the previous tracks. (6.7/10)

    10. Dead Boy's Poem: Another ballad, but much darker than anything Tuomas ever wrote before. The lyrics are great and the melodies are amazing. (9.3/10)

    11. Fantasmic: A power metal epic dedicated to Walt Disney himself. A nice track with three sections in it along with plenty of awesome power metal features. (9.6/10)

    12. Sleepwalker (bonus track): A rather mediocre song for Nightwish that doesn't carry itself far. It's a bonus track, but would have been the worst on this album. (4.8/10)

    This is Nightwish's second best album to date (Oceanborn being number one). Pick this one up and you will not regret it!

    Pros: Excellent and consistant guitar work, keyboards and drumming; many masterpieces here; Tarja's vocals are top notch.

    Cons: Deep Silent Complete and Sleepwalker.

    Wishmaster rating: (9.5/10)

    A classic metal album! | Reviewer: TheMetalHeadReviewer
        ------ About the album Ocean Born performed by Nightwish

    Nightwish's second album is their all time best. Oceanborn truely defines and shows how the symphonic power metal genre should sound like. Tarja's vocals are pushed to the limit, and Tuomas's songwriting could not be any better. The guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard work is the best Nightwish has to offer. Here is the rundown:

    1. Stargazers: One of Nightwish's greatest songs and greatest album opener. From the very beginning, this song illustrates what makes Nightwish better than their competition. Tarja's vocals are pushed to the max and sounds goddess like. Epic and awesome. A classic. (10/10)

    2. Gethsemane: Killer opening guitar/keyboard intro like many of their others, but this one really takes the cake. A song dedicated to Jesus without being chessy or preachy. Another epic song with an amazing outro solo. (9.8/10)

    3. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean: Begins with perhaps the best opening riff in Emppu's career. The song starts out fast and NEVER lets up. Tapio Wilska provides the grunts and growls on this song and it kicks major ass. Tarja is great too. Heavy and dark and excellent! (9.8/10)

    4. Sacrament of Wilderness: Another nice power metal song with hints of a gothic atmosphere. The keyboards and guitar really standout here. (9.7/10)

    5. Passion and the Opera: Another killer opening riff by Emppu led into some of Tarja's best vocal performances ever. It even has a vocal solo. Not as good as the previous tracks, but still worthy. (9.2/10)

    6. Swanheart: The first ballad of the album. It has a nice intro with the piano and flute. Tarja sounds amazing. This is probably their best ballad in my opinion and does not get a lot of praise either. (9.8/10)

    7. Moondance: A great instrumental that sounds like something coming out of Russia. Very nice and fun too. (9.5/10)

    8. The Riddler: Interesting feel to this one with the keyboards and the drums. This is one the weaker songs on the album, but it still does it's job. (8.5/10)

    9. The Pharaoh Sails To Orion: The greatest Nightwish song of all time in my opinion. This song just reached another level of epicness. The keyboard work in this is the best I have ever heard in a metal song. The guitar does it's job with kickass riffs and it flows rather well with the music. Wilska makes another appearance in this song, and he sounds even better here than in D&TDDO! Tarja is just stunning as well. The outro has an amazing guitar solo while Tarja delivers her best vocal performance. A true metal classic and the only Nightwish song that deserves a rating better than 10. (11/10)

    10. Walking in the Air: A Howard Blake cover. Nice and well done. Not the best song, but beautiful and works rather well on the album. (It's hard to top Pharaoh Sails to Orion) (8.2/10)

    11. Sleeping Sun: Another ballad, but not as nice as Swanheart. This is one of the bigger hits Nightwish has, but it's extremely overrated in my opinion. It's not a bad song, but it's just a simple song about the lunar eclipse in 1999. It's okay, but I feel it's the worst song on the album. (7.2/10)

    12. Nightquest (bonus track): Excellent bonus track that really works well. They should have included this one in the main tracklist of Oceanborn. Oh well. The keyboard solo is rather unique and brings back an old style that hasn't been done since the early years of rock n'roll. Awesome track. (9.8/10)

    There you have it. This is the greatest symphonic power metal album ever recorded. Recommended for anyone who likes metal or music for that matter. It's just that good. If you don't even like this band and only want to own one album, that this is it. A true classic Nightwish could never come back to.

    Pros: Instrumentation skills are on a very high level; Masterpieces throughout; Tarja is amazing; production is much better than Angels Fall First; The Pharaoh Sails to Orion.

    Cons: Sleeping Sun is just weaker than the rest.

    Oceanborn rating: (10/10)

    Nightwish | Reviewer: Angel
        ------ About the album Dark Passion Play performed by Nightwish

    Whay do you think that Tarja wouldn't be as popular whitout Nightwish probablly not but then again there wouldn't be Nightwish whitout her. Because lot of people start lisen to them becouse of her voice. And if you had read the beginings of Nightwish her and Toumas started the band. I proven my point.

    Great album, but not their best.. | Reviewer: TheMetalHeadReviewer
        ------ About the album Once performed by Nightwish

    In 2004, symphonic metal band Nightwish released the album "Once". It was their most anticipated album to date. It featured a full orchestra (The same symphony from Lord of the Rings), which is not that common among the rock/metal scene. However, I still think this album is a little overrated in my opinion. Their songs with the exception of a few are not as well thought out as they were on previous albums like "Oceanborn" or "Wishmaster". Majority of the songwriting have got a lot simpler and most of the great keyboard and guitar work done from the previous albums are limited here. On a more positive note, I will say that the production is a lot better though than the previous albums and it seems that Tuomas lyrics are becoming more personal and dark. Here is my review of the songs:

    1. Dark Chest Of Wonders: An excellent opening track to the album. It gives the impression that they were destined to kick ass. (9.1/10)

    2. Wish I Had An Angel: Their most mainstream song to date. It really is more like a gothic techno song and is much more than a dance song. Not that great with nothing to get excited about. (5.8/10)

    3. Nemo: Another mainstream hit. Better than "Wish I Had An Angel" and has a gothic, mysterious sound that really sounds cool. Not their best, but a good listen. (7.5/10)

    4. Planet Hell: This is by far the best song on the album. A kick ass, metal song with incredible vocals and orchestral instrumentation that will make your head spin. The duet from Tarja and Marco are just mindblowing and epic! Indeed one of their best songs ever! (9.7/10)

    5. Creek Mary's Blood: A ballad with describes the hardships of Native Americans during the settlement of Europeans. Very emotional and by far one of their best ballads ever! (9.2/10)

    6. The Siren: A moderately made metal driven songs with cool vocals from Tarja. Another standout track. (8.5/10)

    7. Dead Gardens: This is where the album slips a little here. It really does not do much for me. Starts out like another gothic dance song and this basically it. The songwriting is a little weak and unoriginal also. (5.8/10)

    8. Romanticide: Now the album starts to get better with this track. Clearly better than "Dead Gardens" and it will kick you ass too. An excellent track showing off the more angry and heavy side of Nightwish. It has one of Emmpu's best solos too. Great song. (8.8/10)

    9. Ghost Love Score: This is one of Nightwish's most epic sounding songs. Not really a heavy song like "Romanticide" or "Planet Hell", but if you like symphonic music, this is for you! Excellent track. (9.0/10)

    10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan: A slow song sang entirely in Finnish. Beautiful lyrics and music to back it up. Worth a listen. (7.9/10)

    11. Higher Than Hope: Another slow song. More of a rock ballad. It's okay, but not better than some on this album. (7.4/10)

    12. White Night Fantasy: A bonus track on this album. It has its moments, but it is not really that great and Tarja sounds weird a times on this track. It has a nice accostic guitar solo though, just enough to save it from mediocrity (6.8/10)

    13. Live to Tell The Tale: Another bonus track. It starts with an interesting major scale progression on the synth keyboard, reminding you of a song from the 1980's. The song gets better though and gets dark sounding quick to give the song a boost, but it still is not that great of a track. (7.0/10)

    Overall, a great album to pick up if you never heard of this band before. This is considered their best album ever, but I disagree to a point. Once has a few fillers and some songs use a familiar song structure which can leave people skipping a few tracks. It's probably a tad better than "Century Child" and "Angels Fall First", and is way better than "Dark Passion Play" but not better than "Oceanborn" or "Wishmaster". Nonetheless, still a nice album to have.

    Pros: Excellent sound and vocals; a few memorable tracks; good lyrics.

    Cons: A couple of filler songs; some songs sound like they run together too easily.

    "Once" overall album rating: (8.4/10)

    A decent album, but the new singer isn't the only issue.. | Reviewer: TheMetalHeadReviewer
        ------ About the album Dark Passion Play performed by Nightwish

    Symphonic power metal band Nightwish released their new album "Dark Passion Play" in 2007, but there is something different about this release. Enter new vocalist Anette Olzon, from the ABBA cover band Alyson Avenue. Unlike the previous singer, Tarja Turunen, she does not have the same experience and classical training as she did. As a result, she has difficulty adjusting to their style as she seems that she cannot sing the songs live very well. But I think this is only the surface of the bands problems. Another issue is the fact that their musicmanship that was displayed on previous albums such as "Oceanborn" and "Wishmaster", are almost gone from their current albums. "Century Child" saw a decline of this trend, which means less melody and technicality in the music in general, and it has been sliding on every album since that release. It seems that their newer music, despite having a good number of standout tracks, is falling into the category of having a more "mainstream" metal sound, similiar to what Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation is now. Here is the load down of each song:

    1. The Poet and the Pendulum: By far the best song on the album. Excellent music, lyrics, and orchestral effects. Indeed an instant classic in the symphonic metal genre! (10/10)

    2. Bye Bye Beautiful: A song written about former singer, Tarja Turunen. Not bad, but it falls flat due to the lack of original songwriting. (6.8/10)

    3. Amaranth: This is probably the most mainstream song on the album. The song isn't that impressive except for the chorus. (6.3/10)

    4. Cadence of Her Last Breath: This is probably the worst song by Nightwish ever. A very generic song and reminds me of Lacuna Coil or Evanescence. Emppu's solo brings this song out of mediocrity! (3.5/10)

    5. Master Passion Greed: An extremely angry metal song written about Tarja's husband, Marcello. An excellent song for metalheads, but some of the lyrics are too silly and really bring this song down. (7.8/10)

    6. Eva: A slow piano driven song. The lyrics are okay but the song is missing substance. (5.3/10)

    7. Sahara: This is one of the standout tracks. An excellent opening but slows down a little bit later. Still a decent track to listen to. (7.2/10)

    8. Whoever Brings the Night: If you want an evil, seductive song by Nightwish, this is it! One of Nightwish's darkest songs and good nonetheless. (8.3/10)

    9. For the Heart I Once Had: Despite Anette having probably her best features of her vocals expressed in this song, the song is pretty average and isn't that great. (5.3/10)

    10. The Islander: This is the second best song on the album. Driven by traditional celtic music and has an awesome flow. Also, Marco's vocals are great here too! Great song! (9.2/10)

    11. Last of the Wilds: Leaving right where The Islander left off. A celtic driven instrumental. Not as good as "Moondance", but still good.

    12. 7 Days To the Wolves: Some parts sound too much like Within Temptation in this song. The part that makes it stand out is the long breakdown in the middle and Marco's vocals. An okay song, but not great. (6.5/10)

    13. Meadows of Heaven: Similar style to Eva, but a lot better. The gospel singers at the end add to this song indeed. (7.5/10)

    Overall, a good album, especially if you never heard of this band before. But if you want their best material, go back to the albums of Oceanborn and Wishmaster because they are better.

    Dark Passion Play:

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