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Although Nightrage is a new born band, the history of it`s
members goes a few years ago. Nightrage is the musical
vision of guitarist Marios Iliopoulos (ex-Exhumation).
After recording 3 excellent albums with deathsters
Exhumation (all of them produced in Sweden), Marios he felt
he should form Nightrage, in order to utilize and make his
wildest musical dreams come true. Marios handles the
melodic vocals, hard rockish leads and brutal rhythm
guitars along with the compositions and lyrics, Gus G are
doing all the brutal vocals and some More...

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Reviews about Nightrage songs

Review of Scathing | Reviewer: Anonymus
    ------ About the song Scathing performed by Nightrage

Nightrage is a very special band that ( I think ) stands out of the rest of today's death metal bands.

Scathing is absolutely my favourite songs.
My favourite part is the beginning, at that awesome
guitar solo. So to cut it short it is a very great song witch sticks out and rocks into my heart.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spiral performed by Nightrage

Spiral is a great song. The music and lyrics fit well together. The music is heavy and melodic and has the normal pace for a melodic death metal song.

The verses illustrate turmoil in a character's life and the heavy music and growling/screaming vocals bring it out even more. The chorus is brilliant. The chorus comes abruptly with an acoustic guitar playing, and a clean voice comes in. The lyrics in the chorus tend towards a "resolution" for the "Spiral" that the character is facing. Part way through the chorus, growling/screaming comes in to amplify the emotion the character is feeling. My favourite part is near the end of the song where the vocalist is growling the chorus very strongly, and then he pushes out a low powerful growl. This song is fantastic!

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