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Nightrage Biography

Last updated: 04/22/2011 12:00:00 PM

Although Nightrage is a new born band, the history of it`s members goes a few years ago. Nightrage is the musical vision of guitarist Marios Iliopoulos (ex-Exhumation). After recording 3 excellent albums with deathsters Exhumation (all of them produced in Sweden), Marios he felt he should form Nightrage, in order to utilize and make his wildest musical dreams come true. Marios handles the melodic vocals, hard rockish leads and brutal rhythm guitars along with the compositions and lyrics, Gus G are doing all the brutal vocals and some guitars on the Nightrage demo. The style of the band is pure melodic death metal with influences from 80`s classic heavy metal, twin harmonies a-la Thin Lizzy / Iron Maiden and compositions that combine incredible sense of melody and brutality. The lyrical concept is all about emptiness of the human existence at a very personal basis. The band is currently shipping the demo package, which features a five song demo cd-r and a high quality video clip of the song "gloomy daydreams".