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Stavesacre Night Town Lyrics

Last updated: 09/04/2003 10:30:05 PM

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tonight, it could be the end
it could be the end of our lives
our last goodbyes
won’t you stay,
and see something great?
i don’t want to waste tonight
make it ours when the lights go down

let’s make this last, make it our own
let’s close this place down
you won’t be lonely here
you won’t be lonely here
you wont’ be lonely tonight

tonight, forget your mistakes
leave all those ashes behind
just for tonight
tear away, or just stay outside
choose either way, decide.
this place is ours when the lights go down

no one knows if tomorrow’s gonna come
let’s stay out all night
(let’s make this last tonight)
tonight, tonight
let’s make this our own tonight.
make it our own
our own

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