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Strata Night Falls - The Weight Of It Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2007 12:00:00 PM

The room filled up with water and the roar of the crowd died down
they didn't hold their breath, they just waited to drown
Now I'm just the ghost in the corner that nobody knows
I'm just a chill in the air that comes and cuts you to the bone

I've never seen it shine so bright before
I stumble blind into the light of it all

The walls of this city are all cold metal and stone
but we're nothing permanent we're just soft skin and bones
I'm just the pins and the needles attacking your toes
I'm just a message you saved in your phone a long, long time ago
where I'm singing how

I've never seen it shine so bright before,
I stumbled blind into the light, the light of it all
You've never seen it shine, so hard before
You'd crumble underneath the weight, the weight of it all

I'm always with you
I never left you alone