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Billy Joel Night After Day (The Hassles) Lyrics

Last updated: 05/09/2014 08:18:39 AM

Written by William M. Joel

Ashes and cigarettes strewn on the floor
Old faded photographs cover my door
I sit and wait as the hours grow late
And I won’t have to think anymore

Meaningless magazines lie by the bed
Somebody’s radio broken and dead
I stared at nice scarlet bottles of wine
Then I started to drink them instead

For who will be warm when I’m cold
And who will be young when I’m old
Since you went away I live night after day
Night after day

Shadows and silhouettes flash on the wall
They are the memories I can recall
I realize when I open my eyes
And I’m not really living at all

For who will be sweet when I’m mad
And who will be gay when I’m sad
I go my way living night after day
Night after day

Autumn is colorless
Springtime is blue
Summer is meaningless
Winter is too
I sit and cry as the seasons go by
For they all seem so dull without you

And now there is nowhere to go
My life is so endless and slow
It stretches away just as night after day
Night after day
Night after day

Thanks to Mike Hack for submitting Night After Day (The Hassles) Lyrics.

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One of my favorites. | Reviewer: Frankie | 5/9/14

Next time I feel like hiding in a dark closet and crying my eyes out I'll be sure to listen to this. This song is a close second to Tomorrow Is Today, the saddest song I've heard yet by any artist.
I've been watching Billy Joel videos on YouTube all day and I happened to come across this song. A lot of the early work, like the Cold Spring Harbor songs, are darkly enchanting to me, and it seems the farther back I go, the more utterly depressing and heartfelt things become. I'll be continuing my search for my songs like this throughout Billy's history of works.