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Nicole C. Mullen has emerged as one of this generation's most compelling singer/songwriters. Her new album, Talk About It, continues the journey that Nicole began with her breathtaking, self-titled, multi-Dove Award winning debut effort. Blessed with one of contemporary Christian music's most distinctive voices, she is also a songwriter of rare insight and sensitivity. With songs that run the gambit from soaring praise ballads to intimate worship arias; from gritty hip hop anthems to sinewy, Gospel barnburners, Nicole has the uncanny ability to build bridges over those boundary lines that separate cultures; young and old, black and white, pop and urban. Indeed, the songs on Talk About It create a space of unity in this often fragmented world-a place where everyone can wrap Nicole's mellifluous vocal interpretations around their shoulders and feel welcome.

Nicole's fearless insights as well as her ear for authenticity infuse her songs with a visceral and emotional resonance that connects with her audience on multiple levels. The scope of her remarkable appeal was recognized earlier this year, as she became the first woman in fourteen years to receive the Gospel Music Association's Songwriter of the Year title.

And when her incredible worship song, Redeemer was named Song of the Year, she joined the ranks of Gloria Gaither and Michael W. Smith as the only songwriters to ever have two songs honored by that distinction. In fact, she is the first African American to ever win a Dove Award in the Song of the Year category, and she often finds herself performing in churches that have never invited an Africa American guest before!

But rather than fostering feelings of pride and self-importance, these accolades merely reinforce Nicole's conviction that God has chosen the weak things in the world to confound the strong. It is a conviction that is not only inextricably woven throughout the fabric of Nicole's eagerly awaited follow-up project, Talk About It, it is a conviction she walks out in her everyday life. Long known as a mentor and advocate for teenage girls, Nicole frequently keeps teens at her home outside of Nashville and teaches a dance class at their dance studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

While her semi-autobiographical debut project served to introduce the world to Nicole C. Mullen, Nicole is just as quick to point the world towards its Maker. "I have seen God do extraordinary things in my life," she insists. "I am ordinary, but I get confidence when I call on Jesus. I see the contrast between the ordinary, and God doing something extraordinary; the mundane joined to the glorious. That's what this album is all about. Talk About It is a group of stories about life, and about people. It is a celebration of a big God who works through everyday heroes."

To help her with the task, Nicole enlisted the aid of her husband, David Mullen, who also produced her first album. The collaboration resulted in 11 handpicked tracks, all written or co-written by Nicole and delivered with just the right blend of passion or grace. Marked by the same multi-layered, no-boundaries song crafting that launched Redeemer and On My Knees to the top of the charts, Talk About It offers a delicious collection of shimmering pop ballads, book ended by funky, urban-inflected cuts which perfectly displays Nicole's unbridled creativity.
The result of their efforts is reflected in riveting songs like Sometimes with its caroming drum track, and Baby Girl which combines Nicole's compelling storytelling ability with her signature musical arrangements and fervent gospel rhythms. Cuts like Let Me Go, sport street-wise beats mixed with smoky bass and string lines that make you want to dance. But it is when Nicole gets mellow, as on the gently lilting ballad, Come Unto Me, that everybody has church.

Nicole's sociological insights are also prevalent in Talk About It. The unity-evoking Black Light celebrates the triumphs of the civil rights movement, as it encourages all of us to stand on the shoulders of giants and shine as lights in a dark world.

As fresh as the music is, it is once again the lyrical depth of Nicole's songs that captures the hearts of her listeners. In the tradition of her Dove Award winning Song of the Year, Redeemer, Nicole offers Call on Jesus, a scintillating ballad in which she expresses her own fears and doubts before surrendering to the glory that is Christ in us. "But when I call on Jesus all things are possible," she exults. "And it is not must for me. The same strength and power that I can tap into is available to everyone."

She penned When Heaven Calls as her ultimate prayer. "To me, When Heaven Calls is more about life than it is about death-even though it is about death. There is going to come a time when this life will be over, and I will have to give an account as to how I lived. I will stand before my God and Savior, and because I know that He awaits me, I do not fear death."

Although Nicole started writing songs as a shy, young teenager, it was the explosion of her classic song, the Dove Award winning, On My Knees, that catapulted her to the top of the Christian music charts, and established her as a songwriter to be reckoned with. Nicole quickly followed with the release of her stunning 2000 debut release which would eventually earn her four more Dove Awards, including a repeat Song of the Year award for Redeemer, and the coveted Songwriter of the Year award.

Nicole's reputation as a live performer has also garnered her acclaim throughout her career. She has toured with some of Christian music's most legendary performers, including Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, and provided background vocals on scores of other projects. She has choreographed for The Newsboys and acted with Carman. And of course she is the voice of the Larry-Boy Theme Song.

Still, it is Nicole's ability to create tales of conflict seen through compassionate eyes that evokes respect from her peers and fans alike. With Witness, Nicole struts with more attitude than David confronting Goliath. "You might just be a little kid," she chants, "But you can slay giants just the way that David did." On The Ring, the hip-hop anthem Nicole penned as an encouragement to girls to save themselves for marriage, she admonishes, "If you want to step to me, You better know one thing, This love I got you'll never get, without a wedding ring."

The title song, like the album, invokes multiple meanings, capturing both the subtlety and complexity of the aural canvas on which Nicole chooses to paint. "Talk About It is filled with songs about ordinary, everyday people," Nicole insists. "And to be honest, I fit in that category too, because I don't have any special talent. When God decided to use me, I didn't have anything special to offer Him. We are all like Clark Kent outside the telephone booth; when we take off the suit and cape, we look just like everybody else. But when we call on Jesus, and His power and His strength, then we are bad to the bone! We get to put on His armor and His light. We get to do things that we would never have been able to do in our own strength."

"There is a scripture that says 'The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,'" Nicole declares. "Talk About It! We cried out for His mercy and grace. We cried out in our affliction and He came and helped us. He rescued us. We should Talk About It. "

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really blessed | Reviewer: nummi | 7/8/14

My wife and I are Nigerians and always enjoy listening and meditating with your songs. You are a source of blessing to us. May God increase you mightily for the work of his kingdom.

NICOLE,I GOTTA SAY THIS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/13

I bless GOD for you you such an inspiration.born and brought in a village in Kenya,it was such a great achievement for me to learn and be able to sing an English song for the first time while in class four..the song MY REDEEMER LIVES.It has remained to be a blessing and i look forward to meet you some day. You are a great role model in my life.

WoooooW!!!!!!!! perseverance | Reviewer: Natasha Robinson | 5/2/13

Hi....I'm from beautiful Belize. Your songs in an inspiration to me. I love all of them and everyone of them have a message and when your going through tough times in life they encourage you. i love you so much and i can't wait to see you. your story and what you went through in your marriage really gives me hope to go on in this life. You went through a lot and still you didn't give up on God, that just show that you have perseverance and the love you have for God. Your a mighty woman of God. My encouragement to you is to keep on serving God no matter what comes your way because God says "He will never leave you nor forsake you". i love to dance and my dream is to go out to other country and dance for the lord because that is the talent he bless me with and i want to bless other young girls with my talent that he gave me. I love you and God bless you!!!!

awesome | Reviewer: julia | 3/25/13

Nicole I saw you on G1 singing and dancing VICTORY CHANT. It was so awesome I have fallen in love with your passion and love that shines right through the tv screen. It was so awesome and your love for your dad. May you continue to peform with your tallent for our Savour JESUS name above all names. I would love to see you in you ever come to South Africa (Port Elizabeth EC)

Is all about the heaven & redeemer | Reviewer: Mc | 2/4/13

Nicole i haven't seen u before even ur pics and videos except today i was browsing through the net. Nic. the gift in u is touching most especially when i listened to heaven and redeemer keep it up and do not allow the devil to come in btw u and God okay? If God is truely with u, u will go far my dear. 4rm africa Nigeria.

can you be my friend? | Reviewer: ndayiragije jm vianney (vivi) | 12/3/11

when you came here i mean in burundi i was very happy to see a singer like you.i tought it is impossible to get you in this country.
so my prayer is want you to be my friend if it is possible and you will know more hwo i am. ok god bless thanks

Surely our Redeemer lives | Reviewer: joyce | 11/30/11

Am always blessed whenever i listen to the song "My Redeemer lives and Call on Jesus" if our Redeemer lives we are assured to face tomorrow. Jesus is our strength, wisdom and everything that we need in this world. He is vastly wealthy with wisdom, knowledge,and understanding. Lets call unto Him.
Nicole C. Mullen may our Redeemer continue strengthening you every hour of your calling unto Him.
Am from kenya.
J love worshiping the wonderful God

call on JESUS | Reviewer: metoh c. rosyn dyan | 10/10/11

hi i am rosyn dyan from cameroon. One day my sister in christ gave me a CD on Nicole Mullen, i heard it for my first time and it was wonderful ( call on JESUS ).Today when i heard it i really fill in contact with God Almighty.Glory be to him because He give you the power in you mouth and in each of you song.Bye and GOD Bless you so much and continue to sing for him. One day,may be i will meet you because i also want to sing for Him.If you can answer me, i will be proud

Encouragement | Reviewer: Guelord LUBOVIA | 7/22/11

C est vraiment un reel plaisir de connaitre cette artiste qui par sa façon de chanter me console toujours Que mon Dieu la garde je suis fier de toi nicole Guelord LUBOVIA est chroniqueur de la musique gospel en rdc.

You are a gift and blessing | Reviewer: Benard Wale | 4/29/11

To say the truth, Nicole C. Mullen is a gift and a blessing to this generation, an icon of humility and a person with the right kind of disciple's ambition. A soul dedication to the worship and praise of the Master, a sign of God's diversity in unity. You are an inspiration to me. May we all sing the King's praise in the life hereafter.

Nicole u are more than a musician also a ministes | Reviewer: Marcus.L | 11/24/10

Wow wat an instrument the fist time i ht of ur song reedmr i decided to knw u beta. by geting ur biography and is not complete until i c ur face. I must congratulate ur housband he owns a trasure and also thank him 4 his surpt. Kip the fire burning until jesus comes. The lord is ur strgh. philippians 1:6 .

would like to help you with songs i've composed | Reviewer: donald hill jr | 1/6/10

Dear Nicole: a friend of mine chris robinson and myself tried to contact you through your cousin in cincinnati(runs a construction business) years go between 2003-2005 but never made contact due to everyones schedule. i am a blessed writer of gospel,pop and r&b songs and i hope that you will help me help you and me to go to a new level of experiencing God's gift of song through networking. i am using a kurzweil 2000 sampler, windows7 on an e machine(6 giabits of ram, 750 hard drive space with a tascam us-144 interface in which i am awaiting a new driver for the interface to accomodate windows 7. i am 47 years old, a child of God and is a witness to God's beauty. I wish I had helped you on your earlier music projects because i am confident spiritually you and your staff would have enjoyed my input and how God uses me to compose and communicate musically and spiritually. i am seeking a better life spiritually and i seek the best for me and my family(me and my wife) and i'm also apart of a ministry called joy ministries and i also worship at a place called project reach in dayton ohio run by sister Evangelist Betty Hill(not a relative). i'm also apart of sister hill's ministry. i hope that you can make it easy for me to contact you and your staff so we can share songs and help us all become all that God will have us to be. I will say that you will be impressed with my music gifts. thank You and God Bless You. Donald Hill Jr. 937-397-7035

Heaven. | Reviewer: Mrs. Mercy Asenso | 12/21/09

The Bible describes the coming Jesus as "a mistery" and you put it just right, 'much faster than the blink of an eye". The song is a soul touching one that everyone must listen to. I pleaded with God to grant me and my long awaited baby good voice so that we can diseminate these types of songs to our part of the world. Nicole, God bless you and never get tired of singing.

incouragment | Reviewer: casey | 9/8/09

even though times get hard god lets me see that he is their for me and when i need him to be their for me i can just look up at him and hell answer my prayer if its the right prayer. your songs incourage me so much when u sing because i know that god is speaking to me through you, god bless you and i just want you to know i am yor biggest fan and i will pray for you when u are struggling.

Jesus Christ is still alive | Reviewer: Tim Kambwa M.M.N. | 7/18/09

I'm very pleased to read those lines. I'm a christian singer (galdic.popu in DRC (democratic republic of Congo) and when reading those lines I reeally notice that we share the same hope of being togheter in heaven with our brother, savior, Redeemer and God: Jesus-Christ.
Let's keep faith in him.

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