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By the summer of 2004, Nickelback had been on tour around
the globe for the better part of the previous 5 years, at
that point supporting their third album, The Long Road
(which at the time had sold 5 million copies worldwide).
The plan was to take some time off to enjoy the fruits of
their labor before even thinking about new songs. But two
weeks into their vacation Chad, Mike and Ryan started
feeling that old familiar urge, so they gathered in Chad's
studio near Vancouver to jam. “Once we got in there and
started to mess around, we More...

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Review about Nickelback songs
missing you daddy aka Leon Hampton Jr. of GARLAND TEXAS | Reviewer: Shauna mcknight
    ------ About the song Far Away performed by Nickelback

I love this song it holds a place in my heart for my youngest SONS DAD. I was a screw up when we met. I had just lost my aunt to cancer , my mom of a drug overdose , then 2 weeks later my kids were taken by CPS for being in the house while drugs were present. I WAS LOST, ALONE, ANGRY and I prayed for to God to save me I was dialing out to a drug dealer and some how Leon was calling in.That's how I knew God sent him. But in the next few months I lost my 2 oldest kids father to FEDS for 18 n a half years and their Papaw died also. Within 8 months I lost everyone in my life BUT LEON.IT only made me treat him like dog shit. He stayed 15 months w me at my worst. I was 3 months pregnant when he finally uhh left. We still see each other intimately but he won't go back even though I've GOOD 3 years. I just want the man that saved me from myself to love me again. I'm waiting LEON COME BACK WE HAVE A SON.

Alisa Said It Right | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Never Again performed by Nickelback

No need for me to go into further details but the reviewer Alisa said it correctly. However, despite the pain that comes from all of this, I'm one to look for what can come from a situation such as this. And if there are any victims of child abuse reading this, just know that there are those out there are caring and will show you the love that you need.

how i fill | Reviewer: karl gunter
    ------ About the song I'd Come For You performed by Nickelback

I fined this song good because i told my girlfriend that i cheated on her cuz this song told me to be honest in a relationships i regret cheating on her cuz i love her she forgive me for it i have found my soul mate this song is mine and hers song 4ever and i have now someone that has forgive me from my mistake i have done

beautiful | Reviewer: rosh
    ------ About the song If Everyone Cared performed by Nickelback

First there is no liking botton otherwise there is a comment of an U.S. Air Force... which is so beautiful..

and second there is many people asking about
"And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be"
what does its mean... what the heck..

i want to tell people just think about that moment when u laied on the grass and watching the stars suddenly u realize that we are so small in this world.. Tons of things is much bigger then us then why we fight with each other why we lose our love ones... natural death is a other thing no can change this but suicide bombs, rapes, gun shots we can change this... our one decision can make difference.. this is the thing according me..

Who's Guilty? | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Too Bad performed by Nickelback

A father and a mother work their butts off to try to make ends meet. But the father ends up leaving just to make himself feel better to think he's making things better with a possibly better job. Although, I seem to think both sides feel guilty. As the son is wishing he was the problem that his dad left without saying goodbye. Personally, I think children shouldn't feel guilty if their parents are doing their best to make things better. Life can be crappy at times, but any children out there that think they're a burden, just know that God loves you know matter what. I don't think Nickelback was actually saying that God loves you, as the conversation in the song seems a bit open-ended in who actually feels guilty. I'm only saying, children don't feel guilty.

the guy is dead | Reviewer: phoenix
    ------ About the song Someday performed by Nickelback

I just saw the vid again. the guy got killed, you can see he is a ghost when he stand on the spilled milk but he doesn't leave any footprints as the girl did when she left the apartment. then she got killed in the car crash and they reunite in the afterlife. watch the video and you'll see.

love nickleback | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rock Star performed by Nickelback

Honestly Nickleback is my favorite band I love all thee songs. My favorite nickleback song is rockstar. It has an amazing beat to it that makes you just want to get up and dance. The lyrics are just amazing.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Savin' Me performed by Nickelback

I think the song meaning is different for everyone who listens to it. People can relate in different ways with different contexts. This, in addition to the lyrics and the song, is what I think makes it a really good song.

review | Reviewer: kryston
    ------ About the song Someday performed by Nickelback

i agree with the reviewer from 5/22/07 it would make no sence for her to stand there for a second then walk away without him if they where both dead they would walk together right? right so she's obviuosly alive

Never forgotten | Reviewer: Patty
    ------ About the song Far Away performed by Nickelback

This song is perfect I had a grade school crush and it has been 29 years since we have even spoke. We recently found each other and are planning to see each and it sounds like we both still have the feelings from all those years ago. I love this song Gene is the one that dedicated this song too me today.

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