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His room is quiet now. The bed is neatly made. A picture of
a rough-and-tumble sea storm is framed over the bed. His
old school desk, complete with coffee stain and pen, is
pressed against a far wall. Volumes of Chaucer, Blake,
Flaubert and Shakespeare peer down from a corner bookshelf.
An old-fashioned radio sits ready and lonesome. His shirts
are carefully folded in his dresser; his black sportcoat
hangs loosely in his closet. Nick Drake isn't coming home

His songs cast an eerie spell on first-time listeners. They
hold More...

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Review about Nick Drake songs
sad and lovely, thank you nick | Reviewer: esa in finland
    ------ About the song Day is done performed by Nick Drake

been watching the whole heartbeat series maybe 3-4 times during the past years. many times i^heard this song newer knowing where to find it. my wife helped me and found it. she bought me the cd
five leaves left. tears in my eyes when ever i listen the song.

thanks nick, the whole album is great

Fruit tree Nick Drake | Reviewer: Glenn Caulfield
    ------ About the song Fruit tree performed by Nick Drake

I so much agre with the anonymous..."anyone not familiar with Nick drake...". I couldnt put better words to this man and especially this song!!! Thank you anonymous and Nick long gone and forgetten in the bowels of the earth. But at the same time,, no, no!!!!

Time Has Told Me | Reviewer: David Haywood
    ------ About the song Time has told me performed by Nick Drake

One really good example of e bipolar sufferer's art.
Amazing amalgam of tune,lyrics,emotion.
How he wrote this, in his early-mid twenties, when it applies to bodies much
older, is equally astonishing.

A typically excellent Nick Drake song | Reviewer: Chuck F.
    ------ About the song Hazey Jane II performed by Nick Drake

This is from Nick Drake's second album, Bryter Layter; the lyrics are pastoral while the melody is upbeat and catchy. It is an excellent song and demonstrative of the high quality on all Drake's albums. The message seems to be a gentle, "what is the world coming to?" mixed with "stop and smell the roses." The title itself is almost certainly a reference to the fact that Drake had trouble communicating with people, and, like so many similarly afflicted, he smoked a lot of marijuana. To write about that experience puts him in the company of Paul McCartney and James Taylor, which is good company indeed.

Nick drake | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Northern sky performed by Nick Drake

My son and his wife had this song playing as the bride walked down the aisle, it was so moving and yes, I cried. Other songs by Nick are equally as moving, and I love all of them. He really did not know how great he was. I'm just so sorry that he died.

The "Van Gogh" of music. | Reviewer: Hugh Conyers
    ------ About the song Three hours performed by Nick Drake

Please allow me to share my appreciation of how Nick Drake came into my life. It was in July of 1972, flicking my fingers through the "D" section of "LP's"in the local record shop here in Bermuda, I came across this album cover with a pink moon with a wedge cut out. A tea cup,a clowns face,a space rocket,a time bomb? In those days the more weird the album cover, the weirder the music (that was my hippie way of thinking). What I can tell you is that as soon as the needle hit that vinyl, there was no turning back!!! That first song,"Pink Moon"was the blossom that bloomed into the remaining 10 songs.I still to this day lament at how short this precious masterpiece is,and yet it should not be any longer, a paradox,like it's composer. I immediately bought "Five Leaves Left", which after listening to "Thoughts Of Mary Jane", started me on my poetry writing."Thoughts of Mary Jane" to me was a bejewelled mystical princess, who I would never get to know, yet followed every word, every dream throughout her "journey's. Three hours, in such a short song there is such a long day and night journey!!! A mythical minstrel? Truly a painter of stories. Like any masterpiece invites you into it's realm and leaves you, wondering. Thank you Nick Drake, you are always with me.

interpritation | Reviewer: lolly
    ------ About the song Free ride performed by Nick Drake

Simplicity in nicks lyrics but still very thought provoking..this tune maybe a reference to wanting to spend more time alone with sophia rather then mingling in the house parties that nick used to attend.lovely tune

Northern Sky | Reviewer: Maggie
    ------ About the song Northern sky performed by Nick Drake

Wasn't born during Drake's time and heard the song as part of the movie Serendipity, and remaked by our local artist... I love the lyrics and the accompaniment thats goes with it. I can feel the emotions that goes with the song which moved me to check on who he really is... Such a loss when I learned that he took his life. He could have done many songs. Because " Northern Sky" proves to be one of the best song ever heard.... Full of emotions and Love. I wish I could someone who would brighten my Northern Sky.

Three Hours from 71,000 or thereabouts | Reviewer: John R. Constable
    ------ About the song Three hours performed by Nick Drake

I found Nick Drake via Spotify although I had never heard any of his music before, I knew some fragments about Nick and his Wiki entry filled in the gaps.

Anyway, I listened to a couple of his tracks, not really registering and then heard Three Hours and was mesmerised.

The previous reviewer probably has defined the correct structural analysis of the song.

If the song resonates, you feel it, and Three Hours does it for me.

Three Mysterious Stories | Reviewer: gentle_lotus1958
    ------ About the song Three hours performed by Nick Drake

Three is a mystical number, particularly in Christianity where the number is associated with the mysterious Holy Trinity.

This song, which seems incomprehensible at first, actually has a somewhat decipherable threefold structure. Specifically, the structure is three verses that tell three mysterious storie. Verse 4 is simply verse 1 repeated, but as will mentioned later, is significant as well.

The threefold structure is as follows: verse 1 tells the story of Jeremy, verse 2 tells the story of Jochimo, and verse 3 tells the story of "Everyone". All three stories are filled with contradictions and paradoxes. As a result, each story is a mystery in which nothing is resolved.

It is totally logical that the song repeats itself because this song must have a circular structure because a linear structure would represent a resolution or meaning and this song simply does not provide that.

As usual, kudos to the mysterious Nick Drake for questioning rather than answering when it comes to his inscrutable lyrics. Kudos to him even more for his virtuoso singing and guitar playing. This song is typical of Drake's work lyrically because it is more about profound questions rather than profound answers. Sadly, Drake's inability to discover answers to life's mysteries led to his death. It is tragic that Drake did not understand that even questions without answers have value, if they are wise and important questions.

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