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"It all started in a small town in Upstate New York called
Jamestown. I was born in the same hospital as Lucille Ball
of I Love Lucy fame. There was a lounge called the Yankee
Rebel, which my father and Grandfather both owned- it was a
small place. My sister B.J. was born up there ,but my other
brother and sister were born in Florida.

We had a house on Webber road: I used to love it up there:
it was fun! My grandparents all lived up there.

We had a little dance floor at the Yankee rebel, and my dad
used to be a DJ and play More...

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Review about Nick Carter songs
just one beautiful song again from bsb's ''chaos'' | Reviewer: janne_07
    ------ About the song Just One Kiss performed by Nick Carter

ALL THUMBS UP!!! Nick carter is truly one of the best and biggest talents in the whole wide world! 'glad that he's one of the members of the bestselling and phenomenal boy band of all times, the BACKSTREET BOYS. They [Nick together with Brian, A.J, Howie and Kevin] are so good they can either perform well together or perform in solos.

if i could have... | Reviewer: jaisy
    ------ About the song Just One Kiss performed by Nick Carter

Nick Carter is not only an excellent singer and dancer of the phenomenal Backstreet Boys. He is also a genius when it comes to writing songs. This song's lyrics are so expressive and impressive! All thumbs up to Carter, Jason Ingram and Daniel Muckala who wrote this beautiful song. And I must say that Carter's performance of Just One Kiss is as good as the lyrics itself. He really is one of the best and biggest talents i have ever known. His music as well as the Backstreet's undoubtedly rocks everyone to the max!!!

i like anything that Nick sings | Reviewer: farah jacinto
    ------ About the song Addicted performed by Nick Carter

Nick is the best guy i have ever seen , i have never met him yet but ill do my best even be4 my death meeting him , cz all i want is marrying him in public .im waiting for the day he accepts me ,cz iIm so in love with him &God saves him for me

Love this song | Reviewer: Amy
    ------ About the song Heart Without A Home performed by Nick Carter

I was in a low place when the cd came out. I was depressed, lonely, and felt that no one could see me...that if I screamed in a crowded room, no one would look. This song just made me feel like somewhere, someone else understood...that someday, I won't have to scream for attention...and someday, someone will help make things ok. 9 years later, I this song still brings out these feelings.

AlexCarter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Light in Your Eyes performed by Nick Carter

I love this song! Nick Carter is a very talented singer! The original version's of songs will always be better than the remakes, but I think he did a great job with this one! If he makes a second solo album, I hope this song is on it!

This is mine and Larbi song | Reviewer: Jenny HIda
    ------ About the song Heart Without A Home performed by Nick Carter

this song is sooo amazing.... i love this song and everytime i listen to it... it makes me think about larbi and i love him alot and everytime he listen to it...he think of me and he play ths song for me all the time and he sing it to me and me and larbi been togther for 2 yrs and thanks for ths song it put me and larbi togther and nick carter u are great singer thanz soo much that i found this song and i play it all the time

Beautiful | Reviewer: Sharon
    ------ About the song I Need You Tonight performed by Nick Carter

This song is I believe to be a very touching and beautiful song. Being a very BIG BSB fan Their music has made me feel inspired, happy, make me forget my problems, etc. But this song is very romantic and touching. I love it!!

talentless loser | Reviewer: jamie
    ------ About the song Light in Your Eyes performed by Nick Carter

I hate when dumbass people do over a good song. They ruin it. He has no talent and should focus on doing something for himself and not copying other people's music. Douche.

nick carter dont walk away | Reviewer: emma
    ------ About the song Don't Walk Away performed by Nick Carter

i think that this song is one of the best that he has recorderd i have just getting the song off limewire last night love the song to bits does any one know if it is a old song what nick has copied please email me if you know or not because i am sure i have heard it before or if it is on one of his cd singles.thnx emma

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