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A drum, a synthesizer and "a lot of trial and failure," was
all young Nick Cannon needed to cut his songwriting teeth
and record his very first harmonies on an old skool boom
box. And it wasn't long before this ambitious new talent
took to the stage to perform his music along with some
stand-up routines he'd written. He later founded the San
Diego-based rap duo Da Bom Squad, whose hip-hop rhythms
rocked such venues as Billboard Live and opened for musical
performers Will Smith, Montell Jordan and LFO. And while
his talents have since More...

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Reviews about Nick Cannon songs

live your life | Reviewer: laura
    ------ About the song Can I Live performed by Nick Cannon

this song is so amazing and i think we all sholud thank our mothers for having us and for giving us life and i think this song i all about regreting things , making right decisions and loving your life. to be thankfull to life

nick cannon is so cute

I'm so, so, so, sorry | Reviewer: jhuana
    ------ About the song Can I Live performed by Nick Cannon

I was very touch by the song. I cried and cried. I wish i would heard that song before. I wish i could just heard my baby's voice, but i cann't. That make me realizes what i already knew. I just wish that every mother who are in that situation hear their baby's voice because u don't get the chance to hear it again once u make that bad choice. It is the most difficult to forget.


I love u my baby forever and ever & your momy will cry for the rest of her life for u. i am sorry and wish can turn back time to have u again!!!!!!!

I know many peple will judge me for this, but don't worry because i am already paying for that. Every day i wish i have my bb and i cry. i was not strong enough to protect him and i gave up on him. I will be sorry for the rest of my life and will cry until there are no more tears in my eyes. I don't want this to happen to nobody else that's why when ever i get the chance i write about it. Thank u.

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