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Blue Rodeo Nice Try Lyrics

Last updated: 06/11/2003 02:45:15 AM

Well the best defence is the bright lights
Underneath which you commit that dark crime
Look I was there
I watched it all go down
And I still can't believe my eyes
Nice try it's so wild
Nice try it's so wild

It's like a car burning on the side of the road
Well someone got torched for not doing what they're told
It's like a paid vacation when they change your name
It's like yesterday's news is the same again
and again, and again.....
It's so wild
Again and again
It's so wild


So when you dish the dirt you might as well dish the worst
Cause no one expects you to tell the truth
And when they turn around they think that
Something must be wrong
Cause no one could make up a story so far gone
It's so wild
So far gone
It's so wild

Fact or fiction all parties deny
Any involvement at the scene of the crime
They look you cold straight in the eye
And say man
You got the wrong guy
But nice try it's so wild
Nice try it's so wild