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It comes on strong,, relatively unknown and refreshing,
like an undiscovered region many light years away.
Venturing where only a precious few have dared before, each
of our three co-pilots have honed their abilities to
soothe, groove, entice and touch us with their
simultaneously contemporary, down-to-earth and unique
world. Call it a "close encounter of the most soulful and
exciting kind." Though not quite like anything your senses
have been stimulated by before, their crisp vocal sounds,
mellifluous R&B flow, and gritty, hip More...

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wifey sho sho | Reviewer: Maire
    ------ About the song Wifey performed by Next

erm well um on dis site b cause um writin owt da lyrics in ma own words cause um gna b singin it n i cnt say my wifey cause um a girl so i ave 2 change it 2 hubi
erm well nxt saturdai ders gna b a show n tinne tempah goin 2 b der n i ave 2 perform yayyyy

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