Newton Faulkner Albums

  • Studio Zoo Album (9/6/2013)
    Where to Start
    Treading Water
    Plastic Hearts
    Just Outside
    Losing Ground
    At the Seams
    In My Head
    Don't Make Me Go There
    Lay Down
    Waiting On You
    Orange Skies
    Bonus Track
    He Was A Professional

  • Write It On Your Skin Album (8/13/2012)
    Pulling Teeth
    Brick By Brick
    Pick Up Your Broken Heart
    Long Shot
    Write It On Your Skin
    In The Morning
    Against The Grain
    Sugar In The Snow

  • Rebuilt By Humans Album (9/28/2009)
    I Took It Out On You
    If This Is It
    Resin On My Heart Strings
    Lipstick Jungle
    Been Thinking About It
    Let's Get Together
    She's Got The Time 2 (Interlude)
    Won't Let Go
    First Time
    Over And Out
    So Much
    This Town
    I'm Not Giving Up Yet
    Bonus Track

  • Hand Built By Robots Album (7/30/2007)
    To The Light
    I Need Something
    All I Got
    Dream Catch Me
    Feels Like Home
    Gone In The Morning
    Uncomfortably Slow
    Straight Towards The Sun
    People Should Smile More
    She's Got The Time
    Ageing Superhero

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