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It's the next step, isn't it? You adore something, and then
the next step is that you can become devoted to it.
Adoration…isn't quite enough, and I think devotion is
moving one step further. It's a process.
--Peter Furler
It's obvious after only a few minutes with newsboys
frontman and songwriter Peter Furler that the man is
defined by his relationships and a profound commitment to
those relationships that include his band mates, longtime
associates, brothers and mentors in Christ, his wife and
God. A significant theme in this core More...

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Review about Newsboys songs
For I am His and He is mine | Reviewer: Loveth Owhe
    ------ About the song In Christ Alone performed by Newsboys

This song has always bring so much peace to my heart a the
knowing the magnitude of God's love for me. Knowing
That I am His and He is my, Oh! What a privilege to be called His Own, what an inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

This gift of love and righteousnessScorned by the ones He came to save'Til on that cross as Jesus diedThe wrath of God was satisfied For every sin on Him was laidHere in the death of Christ I live | Reviewer: DESTINY
    ------ About the song In Christ Alone performed by Newsboys

wow! Thank God for using your Angels(NEWBOYS) to minister this song into our hearts...
And am on the verge of singing this song in my church and i hope to hold my self because whenever i play nor sing this song, i always share tears... In you Lord my hope is found and you command my destiny LORD JESUS!!!

My Pledge! | Reviewer: Oladotun Dagunduro
    ------ About the song In Christ Alone performed by Newsboys

This song lifts my spirit. I live with the understanding of every word of the lyrics and suddenly realize there is no further reason why I should not remind myself of my purpose and my ultimate mission on earth and so this song has become my pledge to God each day of my life and a legacy for my generations to come in Jesus Name.

what jesus can do | Reviewer: laryea matilda
    ------ About the song In Christ Alone performed by Newsboys

i was touched by the words of this song the very first time i heard it. and i was wondering why i did not here this song long ago... it really made me feel the power of the blood of jesus and i was moved, God bless anyone who listens or just hears this song, IN CHRIST ALONE MY HOPE IS FOUND...

chawangtingduimai. | Reviewer: version.
    ------ About the song In Christ Alone performed by Newsboys

I like this song beacuse i belive this song will make me to belive and turst in jesus more and more.
And also please pray for me
thank you
may your mission be grace by jesus christ.

Awesome song. | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song In Christ Alone performed by Newsboys

I'm not actually a Christian, but when my parents force me to go to church, this is always the song I hope we sing. It's very lovely and the lyrics are so powerful. There's this overwhelming feeling of everlasting obedience, like the lyricist would go to the ends of the earth and withstand all for God. It's quite simple but very moving, brings a tear to my eye every time. I don't particularly like the original version as much though. It's much more powerful sung in church with the entire congregation. That way, everyone's emotions come out. A very tender song.

Godd is god | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In Christ Alone performed by Newsboys

This sonng is one of the best i have ever listen to particularly there in the ground his body lay light of the word by darkness slain and no power of hell no scheme of man can ever pluck me from his hand till he return or calls me home by wisdom kara and also listen to ancient words by micheal smith

this is wonderful | Reviewer: Titilope Ojajuni
    ------ About the song In Christ Alone performed by Newsboys

what other song can be more inspiring than this! every words in this song pierces deep into my heart. it constantly makes me grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for his nuconditional love for me.

I don't believe it, . . . | Reviewer: Swanhilda Poonhelz-Felder
    ------ About the song Breakfast performed by Newsboys

but it's a great song. Believers are saved by grace and by nothing else. So we don't need to worry about eating breakfast in hell (or not eating it) unless we willfully refuse the gift of grace. I hope to see everyone in heaven -- everyone -- but none of us knows who will actually be there. So let's just sing along with Newboys (if we like the music) and leave the prognosticating to the theologians.

Mr. | Reviewer: Austin from Nigeria
    ------ About the song Strong Tower performed by Newsboys

Ths song has saved souls I count self as number one each morning i play it before going in to my office. We all know that GOD sees each tear that falls Halluyah to his Name JESUS.

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