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FORMED: 1980, Manchester, England

New Order arose from the ashes of Joy Division, one of the
most influencial bands in the alternative music scene in
the late 70's and early 80's. Joy Division were Ian Curtis,
Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, and Stephen Morris, four young
men from Manchester, England. Joy Division drew attention
to themselves with the release of their first full-length
album, Unknown Pleasures, in 1979. The music they played
was a sign of the times: angst-ridden, moody, enchanting,

And the style was unique: More...

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Review about New Order songs
OMG...Just OMG | Reviewer: SuperDude
    ------ About the song World In Motion performed by New Order

OK guys, I randomly found this song, looking at the list of songs that entered the World Cup. It dragged me over there, it's a bit like Wavin' Flag for the 2010 FIFA world cup. But in this one, John Barnes is so awesome, just his skills with rap... I know I can rap as well, but OMG... Just OMG... he is just awesome.

New Order is amazing | Reviewer: scorbtech23000
    ------ About the song Procession performed by New Order

this song evokes unsettled emotions in me.. it is so beautiful!! New Order is just so dammed powerful! and to come from the greats of Joy Division to manifest into New Order taking on a whole new sound while retaining the hollow emo sci fi sound.. Procession is my favorite New Order song>

Happy tune | Reviewer: Robert
    ------ About the song Procession performed by New Order

This song has been a favourite of mine since it was introduced to me by my friend Gary Bircher whose brother Neal bought it as a single back in 1981.
Until recently finding lyrics for such music has been difficult, and the ending lyrics "your heart beats you" surprised me as I had always sung "your happy tune" but my lyrics are not in keeping with the rest of the song.
The music mangages to keep an expectation of getting faster in parallel with the stable vocals which leaves the listener wanting more but finishing the way it started with a ghostly synth.

my favorite song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Age of Consent performed by New Order

I've always thought that whatever they're referring to as better left unsaid had to do with sex because of the title of the song - and then this is causing trouble for the relationship. Sex always complicates things, thats why I love this song so much.

Its almost a different genre then most other new order songs. This is sort of classic rock compared to their usual retro dance stuff. I love all New Order but these are my favorite lyrics.

fantastic | Reviewer: diana
    ------ About the song Age of Consent performed by New Order

One of the best NO songs. From the lyrics & title I take it the narator is in a relationship with someone underage or vice versa. They're trying to tell the other person who has broken it off that they'll regret it & that they don't need them but the "i've lost you" shows the person is really hurting.

Love it.

Pulls on the heart strings | Reviewer: Tim O'sullivan
    ------ About the song Dream Attack performed by New Order

Lovely. Great beat. You can picture your woman as Sumner sings, the keyboards play and hookie has a great go as per usual in this fantastic effort. Paint your own picture. . . .I am.

Spooky... | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Procession performed by New Order

I was just scanning the lyrics for different songs I'd wondered about some lyrics and I saw these reviews... and out of 1363 possible songs my MP3 player chooses as I read about Procession...

But Procession.


Good song.

Hmm not sure | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sunrise performed by New Order

I know theres a reference to "one above" but I always thot it was "Your name I begot but you don't say that much to me" I thought the song was about conflict with a father not The Father

Single | Reviewer: Shawna
    ------ About the song Procession performed by New Order

It was a single, therefore never released on any formal albums. You can find the song on their compilations: Substance (disc 2), Singles (disc 1, track 2).

Where? | Reviewer: Adrian
    ------ About the song Procession performed by New Order

I agree with Paul!!!
Was this released as a single? I can't find it as an original cut on any regular album releases.

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