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There's talk on the street; it sounds so familiar
Great expectations, everybody's watching you
People you meet, they all seem to know you
Even your old friends treat you like you're something new

Johnny come lately, the new kid in town
Everybody loves you, so don't let them down

You look in her eyes; the music begins to play
Hopeless romantics, here we go again
But after awhile, you're lookin' the other way
It's those restless hearts that never mend

Johnny come lately, the new kid in town
Will she still love you when you're not around?
There's so many things you should have told her,
but night after night you're willing to hold her,
Just hold her, tears on your shoulder

There's talk on the street, it's there to
Remind you, that it doesn't really matter
which side you're on.
You're walking away and they're talking behind you
They will never forget you 'til somebody new comes along
Where you been lately? There's a new kid in town
Everybody loves him, don't they?
Now he's holding her, and you're still around
Oh, my, my
There's a new kid in town
just another new kid in town
Ooh, hoo
Everybody's talking 'bout the new kid in town,
Ooh, hoo
Everybody's walking like the new kid in town,
Ooh, hoo
There's a new kid in town
I don't want to hear it
There's a new kid in town
I don't want to hear it
There's a new kid in town
There's a new kid in town
There's a new kid in town
Everybody's talking
There's a new kid in town
People started walking
There's a new kid in town
There's a new kid in town

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THIS IS JUST A SONG | Reviewer: RICA | 1/6/14


Real Life Experience | Reviewer: zane | 12/22/12

If you are 'lucky' you could experience this yourself.
It happened to me in the summer'77.
I went to Reno to meet some old friends and kind of felt in love at first sight with a girl there. But the experience was fleeting and soon it came to pass. The romance never came to fruition.
When I went away I kind of know somebody had replaced me.What was left was only memories. Eagles always write about real things in life.
We don't live in an perfect world.

Will she still love you when you're not around | Reviewer: arben | 11/26/12

I think the meaning of this song is about a singers who are on the road all the time traveling and when tjey come back home evrerybody treats them like a new. Comming back home also brings back the memories of love realationships "Will she still love you when you're not around"

New Kid In Arizona | Reviewer: djchuchuy80s | 8/4/10

As Mexican and jumper in the border on the 80s I always sing this song when I was waliking on the desert.,knowing that I was runing the risk of lose my girfriend by another guy she meet during my absence.
Than happens thats the true no matter if you are a gringo., french indian or etc
so cool memmories.,

The love second that hurts, nothing more nothing less than loneliness and unbelief | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/09

When love hurts, it's usually one second we would like to change, look over and over again in that one second. Here it is the regret that the new kid arrived in town on the day that he left, and at the dance he's restless about that guy, but as he is popular, he's maby confident that people will respect his couple, but when he returns, people don't care, and he knows, he shouldn't have left. He should have told her something, he is dreaming, wishing because he still doesn't cope with reality, but he has to and in between his regrets, he allways sees that moment, the invisible second of the shocking reaction of other people, not noticing his pain, not wanting to see it, you're helpless against that shock and alone, you're still hoping she will cry on your shoulder admitting her mistake in this way, he sees back the moment in her eyes, he thinks it all over, remembers his restlessness during the dance, scanning for the rival to be. She won't come back, he shouldn't have left, nobody understands and he didn't have the time to decide otherwise, it was a new guy, nobody knew, but he had felt it. It's that one second when you feel you lost and you want to feel that moment again and again, to make sure it really happened because you have to convince yourself. And in the end you get bored of your own thinking over and over again, I knew it, I knew it, why didn't I see it, or do something. Back and forth in time. The love with a big B for Big Love. He should have kept looking in her eyes. This or that, he knows: it's too late. He's craving. He's only shortly noticed of the bad news. People think it's normal, that's life! But for him it's his life, it's her still in his arms, her waist. It's trying to accept the unacceptable and searching for a reason and having to admit that in a split second he felt the seriousness of it all, he saw it coming and he regrets, that's why he's dreaming about some good things too, the changing of the reality, he would forgive her, she would be sad to have hurt him, but no no, once outside, the rumour is very real, it's true it's true, so? You didn't trust it, and still you left... can't say that to some 'strangers now' because I make myself impopular. You think we have to keep an eye, why? What's wrong with the guy? Did you love her enough, anyway, it's you who left... Better shut up, I'm guilty of leaving, for them, for me, for him, for her, guilty at all charges, exept of loving endlessly and staying in that one second where I feel my love is still alive. Because for nobody there's nothing left, and I still feel it torn out of my soul.
This is for me the only real message in the song. The remorse and peoples 'coolness' before the real face of love. Better deny it in group than live it all alone, people prefer not to know what could have been changed and what you should have done when you had the possibility, because there's the present and nobody missed him, join them and you will be remembered, or go your own way, we don't care.
It's an image of a beautiful diamond you lost and you're diving and diving, and people just help by saying: cut it out, accept, forget, move on, and he stays just in that one second of love, like every beautiful love should have it's moments of fear of losing, but here he really received a shock, nobody's going to help him or can give him an explanation, think it's normal, even, life goes on, but he has to go through all these emotions again night after night.
She's much further away than he ever was...

My boyfriend left me and he doesn't understand english and thought he was the new kid in town but I just took the matter serious and translated it in French for him | Reviewer: bee | 7/23/09

It goes through different stages of realization, so it's a nice slow, it has a story from birth till death

It sounds familiar,people talking on the street, seeing the big promise you are, looking at you, being your friend at first sight, your old friends seem to discover you. Johnny arrived, the new one. Everybody loves you so don't let anyone down

so I'll tell you in my words in order to translate the feeling
The feeling is remorse and how it started. He goes back in his mind and feels forceless.

It started like that:
you have to go away and it's the latest news in the village, you're gonna be a big promise, everybody's your friend, your friends look different at you and discover a new side of you, you will make everyone proud who knows you, who lives in your country, everyone gives you their support.

But you saw something. In the crowd is a new guy, you've seen him, you smell him, you mention him already in your mind, you saw him and the others cheer at you, you're the best in their eyes. They organised a feast before you leave on your ship. You love her so much and drown in her eyes, the music takes you both away, and hopelessly in love, there's no doubt, another doubt slips in, you can't help it, you look around, search in the crowd, searching him, he has no name, they call him the new kid, he could be the new popular guy when he's gone and here his beauty in his arms... he's so restless, can't continue looking in her eyes, his attention is always drawn away, a wound in constant movement can't heal, he's scared to lose her, she could forget him after this dance.
He's lonely, night after night, thinking over the dance, the words of magic he didn't pronounce and what they would look like, in order to make go away the reality, remorsefull of not having said enough to keep her from forgetting him, he will pardon her, forgive her and she will cry on his shoulder and she will ask forgiveness with her tears, he will take her back if she admits her mistake and she will come back to him. He dreams. Regrets. He's wishing her to come back.
People on the street don't care to talk about the new. Nobody seems to understand that he's asking for an explanation. Will somebody take his side. But love matters don't interest them, but even so, he left? Hardly remember he ever left and that a feast was given. Nobody missed him. And if they were the new one, they'd chose themselves if it was to take that single women, they would care for her too during his absence, they would gladly take the place of the new one, he's so interesting! Even if you listen to their excuses, or not, you can't deny that everybody agrees and there's no reason why the girl should have made a mistake, she even made a good choice!
Yes shut up he thinks and he walks away and still hears them talking, agreeing one with another, shit happens but they go on. Forget the past. If he can't,let him stay on his own.
People on the street don't understand all the fuss you make. That brings you back to reality, you realize that your on your own. If you don't agree with them they forget you instantly, your place has been taken, you're not on their side that's just a pity for you, bad luck lad! Well yes, it happened, she left, so what, you should be glad it' for the interessting guy, she's well looked after, don't worry. Or it's your own fault, you shouldn't have left abroad. That's what they say. And everybody agrees with everyone, it's a nice guy, isn't it? The other one. Do you come from another planet, you didn't know? You're not 'in'? True you know, everyone says so. Oh poor you, she's gone, well sorry nice chat, have to go, see you sometimes.
So there he's left with the cruel reality. It doesn't seem to interest anyone. And over and over again he can't forget. He felt it, he knew it, and other people agree that she left him for the new one. No one accuses her, and he lacked the imagination to keep her interessted in him during his absence.
Yes shut up I know, I know, there's a new kid, he saw him the day he left, and between all these people beginning to start feeling so lonely that he's continuing to repeat the same thing over and over again. He can't deny it, she's gone and nobody cares that he's left behind. Why why why this new guy? And he can dream all he wants, she won't cry on his shoulder. He shouldn't have left his place, he would be holding her by the waist and continue the dance right now, continue the feast,he had it all and now he has it all, poor me and nobody cares..
One false move and everything around you crumbles down. It's the pain of having lost the love of your life and having felt the danger coming and he's just another new guy now, but there are more interessting things going on now than his returning back. He's the one he's the one he's the one. For them, for her, for himself, he's the guy, the other one. He's nothing without her. The new one is still around and he just came back at the wrong time. He wants to put the clock back and he dreams another reality.
I don't think you understand how nice sadness can be when you love and repeat every movement of the last time you saw your partner and everything was just fine, until one saw the opportunity, he saw it coming, he's full of remorse, and no one understands his LOVE!

Really meaning of new kid in town | Reviewer: alfredo | 6/2/09

The really meaning of this song is a bout a sargent during the 70's who is one of the eagles' son who has to go overseas leaving his girlfriend. He is popular in town util he has to depart. After many years pass by and he returned to town to find out that she made her life with somebody alse. Sad song. it is a true story.

This song belongs in all group relationships | Reviewer: Brett | 5/9/09

This song is very clever, it illustrates the classic emergence of anyone new in any large group or sub-culture. The fame or popularity comes and then soon fades as another new person arrives. High School politics come to mind. People who have the drive to be the centre of attention can relate to this great song. Long may it live.

They don't write songs like this anymore | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/09

So many times I have asked myself, "what is my favorite song of all time?" and it hit me a few months ago, that this is the one. The beautiful lyrics, guitar playing, harmonies and keyboards. Wow. What more could make a great song? I could listen to this song thousands of times and never get tired of it. I loved it when I first heard it in 1977 and I love it even more now.

They will never forget you till somebody new comes along | Reviewer: Caroline | 3/21/09

This song is about fame. It is about the fleeting nature of fame and the benefits (women) that are associated with fame. Women that are beautiful want famous men;but as soon as that fame much like beauty fades they will move along to someone else "They will never forget you till somebody new comes along".
I liken it to quarterbacks. When you are young and at your peak, everyone wants to be you and be seen with you. Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady; perfect example. When Tom terrific came along and looked good and played well,Drew became an afterthought. As previously stated "They will never forget you till somebody new comes along". So harsh but so true.

Straight From the Horses Mouth. | Reviewer: TheBlackWhirlwind | 12/4/08

Fantastic song, probably my favourite of all Eagles songs.

Here is what Don Henley says about the song:

"J.D. Souther started the song. It's about the fleeting, fickle nature of love and romance. It's also about the fleeting nature of fame, especially in the music business. We were basically saying, "Look, we know we're red hot right now, but we also know that somebody's going to come along and replace us - both in music and in love." We were always doing that double entendre thing, between the music business and personal relationships."

New Kid In Town. "The longing for the lost love..".. | Reviewer: Uffe Ehlers | 9/15/08

I agree, this must be the greatest love song ever.
Maybe You missed Your greatest love in the young ages (....but after a while, Youre looking the other way....). to find out 20 years later that it was the right love.."Life is what happens to You, while Your busy making other plans...

more than just about a girl | Reviewer: Andrew | 9/9/08

This song also has something to do with the group's experience in the show business. I think it has to do with the fleeting nature of fame and success. One minute they are the talk of the town, and they are liked by everyone, until the next act shows up. As a successful band, they constantly had to live upto high expectations and I think this song is a reflection of that.

the meaning of the kid in town to me... | Reviewer: Vincent Cibrian | 5/19/08

There is a new kid town
he come along
i have something going with my girlfriend until this guy comes along and gets my girls attention, Johnny comes lately and he is very likable by every body (bastard) his like a rooster he must have all the hens for him self......And the rest is history

meaning of the song | Reviewer: david | 11/28/07

Well firt of all, it's a love song. It's about a relationship a man once had but time passed by.

The first verse talks about the relationship in the past. Talk in the town, great expectations, this will last forever! Everything about this is so positive. (live through pink glasses as we say in the netherlands)

Second verse: You're young, and the world is full of beautiful women, the sparkels just end and well, setteling down is not on your mind just yet. You move on.

bridge: After a while you realise you what you had and think back of the wonderful moments, tears on your sholders.

verse three: A new kid in town, everyone knows him, it's the first verse all over, but now it's not you. Life for her went on and there you are! Standing by the sideline.

That's what I think it's about

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