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Shabazz Palaces New Black Wave Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2014 05:04:00 AM

New, new new new new (wave)

It's big how it get so bright
The glitter deep made me rich
My grand sparklers did not speak
I got more bank that govern
I just like Amish plowin'

New, new new new new (wave)

We don't pose for a talker, move
Stellar beans like stepping through
Hook a plot, observe the views
We don't wait on the word for you
Find you dead by the grand bouquet
Shami sip while each day we sit
Get a fit that we plan to get
Cause your my demandment
And your ass that is stuck in your
Corny fist and a bunch of germ
More complex how my patterns matter
Pluto, queens and Saturn max
My blah-blah like blah-blamma shit
From the six where grammar's at
What he set out?
I don't come against ? I don't handle that
(There is nothing we can do)
(Too much pressure to resume)
(A storm of glacier counting from the D)
(The native's endless empty of disease)
(They were little to each jobs)
(Some greed and connected all the dots)
(Midnight waters, swimmin' with the sharks)
(Look, there's another comin', splags)
(Straight up, New Black Wave)
(All inclusive, one intrusive)
New Black New Black New Black
New Black New Black New Black