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(featuring Sara Evans)

(Brad Paisley)
Mother - do not cry for me
All of this is exactly how it's supposed to be
(Sara Evans)
I'm right here. Can you hear my voice?
My life, my love, my baby boy

(Brad Paisley)
As they nail me to this tree
Just know the Father waits for me
(Sara Evans)
God how can this be your will?
To have your son and my son killed?

(Brad Paisley)
Whatever happens...whatever you see...
Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
This is not...
Not the end...
I am making all things new again

(Sara Evans)
I remember when you were born
In that manger where I first held
You in my arms
So many miracles and lives you've changed
And this world repays you how?
With all this pain

(Brad Paisley)
As they nail me to this tree
Just know the Father waits for me
(Sara Evans)
God how can this be your will?
To have your son and my son killed?

Whatever happens(Whatever happens)...whatever you see(I don't wanna see)...
Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
This is not(Tell me it's not...
Not the end...
I am making all things new again

(Brad Paisley)
Whatever happens...whatever you see...
Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
This is not(No)...
Not the end...
I am making all things new again

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reborn | Reviewer: xhan | 10/3/13

The video and the song really touches my heart. Whenever I heard this song or watch it, my tears were falling without noticing. It captivates my soul which makes me come closer to our Father Almighty. HE sacrificed HIS only begotten son just to save us from sin that's why we should value all God's creation and we should love each other and most the important thing to do is to obey HIS commandments with all our heart, minds and soul. See you there (paradise) brothers and sister.
-; )

new again | Reviewer: linzay | 10/4/11

I LOVE THIS SONG WITH ALL MUCH HEART. I've known brad for a while because he went to school with my mom and dad and he also went to my church I hope next time he in my town he comes out and sings for us like he used to that would make my year

New Again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/11

The first time I ever heard this song was at my church when we were doing the passion play.. A few of my parents' friends sang it and I immediately fell in love with it. I remember that by the end of the song I was in tears because it makes you think about the anguish that Mary must have been feeling to see her baby boy die in such a cruel manner. I absolutely love Brad Paisley and Sara Evans both. They are great singers and they did a beyond AMAZING job on this song. No two people could have performed it better. God bless each and everyone of you.

such like this 1 is "heman you are" | Reviewer: sanvalek | 3/1/11

new again the nice n my favourite song forever i cried when i heard it at first time. plz anybody can send me the link of the song HEMAN YOU ARE i'v lot googled it but i cant find this one in mp3 format.

Amazing and moving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/10

I head this song on my Brad Paisley CD and wanted to share it - I ran across the video. few songs have ever affected me as this one has. I am humbled and thank God for his reminder to me of what he gave to us...

All Things New | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/09

First, just want to say in answer to Gary's question, I don't think the video is purchaseable. As far as I can tell, it's just something somebody on Youtube put together to go with the song. However, they did a terrific job IMHO, and I myself don't think the quality is grainy or poor. Below is the link:

Anyway, I'll throw in my 2 cents about the song itself here and say that I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Brad and Sara just knocked it out of the park. It often makes me cry when I hear these heart-rending lyrics, sung with such feeling. I think of the unimaginable anguish Mary must have went through, seeing this man whom she had once held as a newborn baby so brutally murdered.

I was very pleased to see Brad Paisley write and perform such a beautiful Christian song because he's one of my favorite artists. I like it when non-CCM singers are willing to be open about their faith. My cowboy hat is off to you, sir!

"New Again" HELP!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/09

I loved this song and video, I purchased the insturmental tract for my daughter and i to sing for Easter. The problem I am having is that I can't find the VIDEO that backs up the song... The video on you-tube and godtube are very "UNCLEAR" poor broadcast quality. Is there anyone who knows how I may purchase a cpy please e-mail me at
Gary Beeman

new again | Reviewer: daniel lazaro | 1/28/08

it was just when brad start singing "as they nail me to this tree...", I realized that it was an awesome song.

Thanks brad and sara.

Daniel L√°zaro

Thank-You | Reviewer: Britne Hubbard | 12/27/07

I just want to say thatnk-you for this song. It is one of the greatest songs I have heard in my life. It makes me realize that I need to appreciate what I have for the sake of god.
So once again I say THANK-YOU

new again | Reviewer: Shelia | 11/24/07

Brad and sara
I want to say thank you for one of the best songs I have ever heard i years . I got on my knees beside my bed and prayed for people in need and for my Family . I all so thanked him for people such as the two of you. Maybe you have missed your callen
Thank You
Shelia B
Orlando Fl

auntsassy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

i absolutely loooove this song and the video i saw made me want to cry and i do sign language to christian songs so when i heard this one it struck my heart and i knew i just had to learn and perform this song at either christmas or easter or maybe both because it has such meaning to me and brad paisley and sara evans sang it sooooo well which makes it evan more beautiful the way they sing together perfect match awesome song got to love it

Wonderful Song | Reviewer: Randy Nunnally | 11/8/07

I want this song by Brad and Sara so I can download it on my ipod. Do you know where I can find it? It is not on Itunes and try to Goggle it and no luck. Can I buy it somewhere?

BEST SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/07

This song is sooo awesome. 2 people are signing it at my church. I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH. thanks for coming out with it. it touchs my heart and i hope it touches the hearts of many others

Awesome! | Reviewer: Camille | 10/25/07

What a beautiful song! I hope that this song gets played on country stations around the country. What an inspiration it could be to thousands of people!

Awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/07

"New Again" has helped me so much. It is by far my favorite song and I am glad that two wonderful people,Sara Evans and Brad Paisley, to sing it.

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