Nevertheless Lyrics

Josh Pearson - lead vocal, guitar
AJ Cheek - lead guitar, bgv
Brad Jones - guitar, bgv
Adam Wann - bass
Adam Rowe - drums

Hope. It’s a concept that is both elusive and fragile, both
rare and powerful. So few dare to allude to it, and fewer
still make it their mantra. After all, it is so much easier
to sing of loss and regret than to push through it and
persevere. Yet, the word “hope” is the very word that Josh
Pearson, front man for the Chattanooga, Tennessee quintet
NEVERTHELESS, uses to describe the goal of his band. True
hope More...

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Cross My Heart Rox! | Reviewer: The Guy Who Submitted the Lyrics
    ------ About the song Cross My Heart performed by Nevertheless

I love this song. It has a catchy tune, and a story behind it. When I'd first heard it on my MP3, I happened to be recording it (lucky me!) and it became my favourite song for a while. Occasionally, I go back to it and it becomes my favourite song again.

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