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In the '80s metal hey day the city of Seattle was put on
the map mainly for the successes of Queensryche and Metal
Church, and to a lesser degree for such underground names
as Forced Entry, TKO and the startling SANCTUARY (who
released two outstanding albums on Epic Records while
achieving cult status). As we all know a different wind
began to blow in Seattle at the beginning of the '90s, so
that even a few of the SANCTUARY members thought they had
to follow the new grunge sound, and to keep it short -
you've never heard of them More...

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Reviews about Nevermore songs

Timeless Classic | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song Believe In Nothing performed by Nevermore

I didn't know there were two covers for this song. I've just checked them out on Youtube (both Firewind's and All That Remains' versions) and I got to state here: the original one is still the most fucking awesome of the three.

Awesome, sick, awesome again | Reviewer: Last Surviving Cynic
    ------ About the song Believe In Nothing performed by Nevermore

I originally discovered this song by ATR but once I heard the original it blew my mind, no shit, it's just awesome. I love the original vocals, which make it alot more cynic. ATR shouls stick to their style, do themselves a favor and stop covering bands as Nevermore. They are good, but only with their own sound. In my opinion Nevermore is one of the very best bands ever, with their unique sound and quality.

How did I not discover this song earlier? | Reviewer: littlewoodenboy
    ------ About the song Believe In Nothing performed by Nevermore

This may be one the best songs the band has ever done. There are 2 covers of the song - one by Firewind (which pretty much does the song justice) and another by All That Remains (which probably should have not been released at all).

Missed the first line | Reviewer: duh dude
    ------ About the song Born performed by Nevermore

Before the line "the seed of ignorance is born..." the line "Religion changed the face of man, thou shalt not kill, we are all gone."

So it reads
"Religion changed the face of man, thou shalt not kill we are all gone. The seed of ignorance is born, thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt conform!"

missed lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Insignificant performed by Nevermore

There are some missed lyrics in this song!
something like:

The brother of sundown has bleached away my past
to look into the sky if only for one last time

or sth like that...

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