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Kenny Chesney Never Wanted Nothing More Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2008 11:00:00 AM

Couldn't wait to turn 16 and drive all the boy's around
Foot on the gas and hands on the wheel was all I could think about
A little rust in the bed of that truck and a four speed on the floor
Five-hundred dollars it was mine, all mine and I never wanted nothin' more

I took Katie down by the river with a six dollar bottle of wine
Just a fool tryin' to play it cool hopin' she'd let me cross the line
I was praying that she couldn't tell I never been that far before
The first time's a one time feeling and I never wanted nothin' more,
No I never wanted nothin' more..

Well I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not
I'm sure happy with what I've got
I live to love and laugh a lot
And thats all I need

My buddies all tried to change my mind
But I told them that I'd thought it through
Katie laughed and my mama cried when they heard me say "I do"
Her little ring is a little thing, but its all I could afford
Now she's mine, all mine till the day I die, and I never wanted nothin' more


One Sunday I listened to the preacher and I knew he was preaching to me
I couldn't help it I walked up front and I got down on my knees
Right then and there, I swear I changed when I found the Lord
Glory Hallelujah, good God almighty I never wanted nothin' more


Never wanted nothin' more...
And I never wanted nothin' more

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Answer from the heavens? | Reviewer: Kim | 3/23/2008

I loved this song from the very first moment I heard it. The funny thing was that this was the first song I listened to after praying to God in our school chapel. Yeah I know it's cheesy but it's true. I was asking Him to give me an answer as to why I haven't met the girl I'd get to marry which made me feel like my life was incomplete. When I heard His answer through the song I realized that my life is fine the way it is. Like the song say I've lived and loved and laughed a lot and that's all I need. And now ... I never wanted nothing more haha

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/2007

It is a beautiful love song.
At first I don't really like it, but the longer I listen to it and the better it is sound. Now this song just stuck in my head.

Can't wait for Kenny's new album to be out :).
All his songs really have the characteristic.

Kenny's Song Is One Of His Best | Reviewer: Ginny Berg | 8/9/2007

This song fits Kenny just right. Like all his other songs they relate to something you have done in your life. I seen him sing it live at a couple of his Flip Flop Summer Tour shows this year and you can see how proud he is that his fans like the song. I can't wait to hear the rest of the songs on the CD I know they will be just as good.

I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: ariel | 7/27/2007

when i heard thjis song i knew it had to be kenny chesney. i love all of kennys music but i think this is my favorite

Another Instant Classic for Kenny Chesney | Reviewer: Bert Wright | 7/13/2007

This song has it all. I don't know who wrote it, but it is as if it was written FOR Kenny. It has a great melody, some nice smooth high notes and a memorable chorus. Kenny Chesney is doing this one in his 2007 Summer Flip Flop Tour. I saw him sing it at Quest Field Saturday night and being from Tennessee, I am proud of Kenny Chesney. I remember when he got started and he had something unique that you just knew he was 'going places' and would be successful in Country Music.

This song is a happy song with some excellent acoustic picking - like a lot of Kenny Chesney songs, it has an easily recognizable tune. The lyrics seem to summarize a young man's life - and a lot of it like Kenny himself - you got the guy, the girl, the truck, some wine and life's message all wrapped up in a neat little package.

This is a great tune and another instant classic for Kenny Chesney.