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You're with me
Til the bitter end
What we had transcends
This experience
Too painful to
Talk about
So I'll hold it in
Til my heart can mend
And be brave enough to love again

A place in time
Still belongs to us
Stays preserved in my mind
In the memories there is solace

Never too far away
I won't let time erase
One bit of yesterday
Cause I have learned that
Nobody can take your place
Though we can never be
I'll keep you close to me
When I remember

Glittering lights
Incandescent eyes
Still preserved
In my mind
In the memories I'll find solace

Never too far away
I won't let time erase
One bit of yesterday
And I have learned that
Nobody can take your place
Though we can never be
I'll keep you close to me
And I'll remember

A place in time
Still belongs to us
Stays preserved in my mind
In the memories there is solace

Never too far away
I won't let time erase
One bit of yesterday
Cause I have learned that
Nobody can take your place
And though we can never be
I'll always think of you and me
Always remember


You're never too far

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Heart warming!! | Reviewer: India | 5/30/13

I love this song. I think about my grandmother everytime i hear it. She died last year and i didnt get a chance to attend her funeral but, whenever i play this song i feel as though she is with me. Love you grandma.

Thanks MC.

mariah you are thee best | Reviewer: niella | 3/24/13

The first time I heard this song I fell inlove with it just like all your other songs never too far is by far my favorite this song speaks to my soul mariah you are thee best and I love you!!! Xoxo

its so perfect! | Reviewer: Brylle | 3/2/13

For me, this is the most beautiful song Mariah has ever written and sang. The meaning of the song that it wants to convey is so deep and meaningful that it could cuts through your heart once you feel like you've been into that situation that you lost someone that you forgot to tell him/her how much you love him/her. Through all the memories, be it good or bad, downfall or victories, happy or sad, the memories of that person you have shared both can never be ever erased and will be etched in your heart forever!

So in Love | Reviewer: LayLay | 9/22/09

Oh my gosh every since i seen Mariah in the movie glitter i have been in LOve with this song. it makes me want to break down but it lifts me back up all in one. I havent heard any songs that tops this one especially since it means so much. Your never to far away is right. Oh my gosh Mariah you are wonderful.

sad love | Reviewer: hamdilaura | 4/7/09

i loved this song my girl sent it to me ...we had realld bad days togother and we lost much time too ...but no thing from all this make me forget her or want to be away from her she is my life and im her live ...i love you laura and you will never be too far than me .

Haha! | Reviewer: Juli | 3/19/08

This song is good, and it makes me feel happy for some reason. I just feel that Mariah Carey needs to clean it up a little in order to keep her younger fans. I am bored with her when I see that she has come out with a new song, and in the video she is half naked, not a good role-model if you ask me!!!

KayKay! | Reviewer: kandee | 10/31/07

i love that song i dedicated it to my bf and we havent been separated since! i love it and mariah is a very good singer!

<3 it

"your songs are my inspiration." | Reviewer: vehneezuh 29 Vinluan | 10/30/07

Hmm.. I have gotten lots of things to say 'bout Mariah Carey! She is soo passionate in doin' her job that is why I like her soo much! I believe that she is not doin' this for the sake of her career, but ofcourse for the people who is really inspired by all the songs she is writing! Never did I come to think of it that Mariah Carey is making unhelpful songs, no! one of my favorites is this and the song "Breakdown." Haha! But, honestly I love her! She and her influential songs! I am not too bad to show my gratitude to her, am I? Oh. It's all because she's my number one idol and I have to tell her to keep on writin' useful songs! That's all! Thankyou soo big for havin' the time to read this! :)

I truly feel this song | Reviewer: Lacey Rios | 8/31/07

I lost my mother and everytime I hear this song i think of her which is good cuz i will never forget her This is one my favorite songs because of that thank you MC

This Song Is Cool | Reviewer: LaToya | 8/7/07

All of you who lost loved ones like brisa and hayley, i feel 4 u guys. I havnt lost ne1 lyk dat. me n my man broke up bt dat duznt compare 2 u guys' situations. stay strong n this song is so great. big ups 2 mariah carey! this is a wonderful, touching song n we all thank u 4 it.

This song is beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/07

I hear what everyone is saying. I lost my little brother about 2 years ago and this is the only song I have found that expresses how I feel. The greatest thing about Mariah Carey is that everything she sings has her most heartfelt emotion poured into it. This song is no exception and it is definately felt by all those who hear the song and can relate.

=[ | Reviewer: jess | 7/12/07

every time i hear this song i think about my ex this song means alot 2 me

To My Brother Kahu! | Reviewer: Brooke | 6/27/07

This song makes me cry everytime I hear it. I sang it at my brothers funeral. He passed away in a car accident at the age of 18 years old. I love you bro you'll never be too far!!!

kpmp | Reviewer: kenith | 6/22/07

When ever i play this song its hurts so bad because It makes me think abot the times i spent with some of my friends and family members before they died but, in a way the song provides a very comforting feeling and tranquility.

lover future | Reviewer: danielle brown | 6/19/07

every time me and my boyfriend come across different agreements, this song makes me about the things me and him been through.

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