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Can I touch you?
I can't believe that you are real
How did I ever find you?
You are the dream that saved my life
You are the reason I survived

I never thought that I could love
someone as much as I love you
I know it's crazy but it's true
I never thought that I could need
someone as much as I need you
I Love You...

Can I hold you?
Girl your smile lights up the sky
You are too beautiful for the human eye
You are the dream that never dies
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you are the fire that burns inside

I never thought that I could love
someone as much as I love you
I know it's crazy but it's true
I never thought that I could need
someone as much as I need you
I Love You...

You are the sunshine in the sky
You are the sparkle in my eyes

I never thought that I could love
someone as much as I need you
I know it's crazy but it's true
I know it's true
I never thought that I could need
someone as much as I need you

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i never thought that i will love again | Reviewer: violet | 8/25/13

I never thought that after what happened to my past relationships and got heart broken, my heart will beat again. Being with you is amazing. Whenever am with you, i feel a lot safer. When you held my hand, i felt am special and you treated me with care. I told you that i like you and i also inform you that i like you and i love you has different meanin. I just told you that because i don't want you to find out that am already falling for you. I LOVE YOU ryan frial.

honey b | Reviewer: honey | 8/15/13

everytime i hear this song i cant help but to remember u, i try really hard to forget you but i can't.thank u for those stolen moments we've shared,those moments when you made me feel i'm special, but it has to end because you need to be with your wife and i need to be with my husband. so sad that we are already committed. eventhough we haven't heard anything from each other i still care and hoping your ok.thank u for not making things complicated after what had happened to us. i miss you.

Ds s0ng melts my HEART! | Reviewer: EmZ Reuterez | 5/14/13

"i neVer th0ugth dat i fall n l0ve w/ him.. alth0ugh he is aLready c0mmitted,bUt still he sh0ws his care and l0ve t0 me..till n0w,we keep g0ing.. he t0lds me dat he cant live w/o me..and s0 d0 i...
Ds s0ng inspIreD me a Lot!! :)
I set ds s0ng as his RINGTONE!
I l0ve u f0rTune Opamin!:)
Thank u!

Never thought | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/11

I never thought I would really experience to love a person so much in my life.but it's already too late when I realize this.I already let him go.I tried everything to have him back but he already belong to someone every time I got to hear this it seems like there's a big hole in my heart.but nevertheless still love never thought it's like reminding me of what I had when he is stll mine

I never thought I would feel this way again... | Reviewer: rimaiq | 4/8/11

I tried to be indifferent on anything that concerns emotion and love, yet this song always kills my reserve to never feel anything special about someone. I never thought that I'd be swayed again, no matter how hard I try... I still have her, Layla, in my heart. It's condescending as far as I'm concerned --- she's a 'punch to the moon' thing to me, yet I'm still like a child trying to reach what I'm trying hard to avoid.

never thought | Reviewer: floracel | 11/21/10

i really love this song..
my honey JA dedicated this song to me..
me too honey,never thought na mamahalin kita ng sobra..
ingat lage jan ha..i will wait for you even if it takes me forever to you so much asawa koh..mwuah!

i never thought that i will love him dearly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/10

It happenned unexpectedly, in just a short period of time...i never thought that i would fall for him that way.I knew in my heart that we both love each other but we need to let go of our feelings coz we are committed.This song is very special for me coz he dedicated this for me.Everytime i hear this song i can't help myself to cry..eventhough it was painful, one thing is for sure, he will always be here in my heart....Baby whereever you are i hope and i pray that one day our road will cross again. I cant wait to seeing you again....i love u!!!!

never thought | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/10

i really love this song, this illustrates how i love my dearest... and before, i never believe in such,coz i thought it was just a fantasy to have a perfect and romantic love until i was hooked to some one i never thought i would even glance at.. i really never thought such fantasy comes to reality.. u really cud never thought..

n_n | Reviewer: rezzy | 1/17/10

hmmmm.i never thought a song like this would exist. i love this song very much, as much as i love my hubby. to Dan Hill, thank you very much for giving this song it's real meaning. nobody could ever sing it best, the way you did. it's full of emotions, but most of all, with LOVE. This is really my dream wedding song. If ever that day comes, I'm certain I'd definitely be the luckiest bride in the world...Mr.Right plus the right song makes a perfect wedding. To my hubby, I hope and pray you would really really appreciate this song. It's intended just for you. I'm sure I made it clear when you asked me what song would I dedicate for you. This is it my ybbuh. I'm sure this song's gonna keep us going. It's gonna keep our relationship better and stronger everyday of our lives. ILOVEYOUSOMUCH!!!!!Nothing compares.....

i never thought that i could find someone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

everytime i hear this song i cant help to cry..
bcoz even do i have a new gf now but i still love her.. i thought i can for get her but i cannot..

i hope we will be together..
i love u and i miss my love nile..

i never thought that she is................. | Reviewer: Emily | 9/25/07

I had a lesbian partner, i love her till death,funny but its true!!!! she sung to me this song, she has now with other girl, with someone she love too, i have a boyfriend now but still she still the one im looking for and i miss her so much, everytime i hear this i cant help to cry, i know someday we will be together,sounds crazy,oh yes absolutely crazy,but its true, i thought that if i will have a bf i will forget her,but i never thought that she is you cristina

no one ever thought | Reviewer: Annalyn De Leon | 2/21/07

this song is an epitome of true love wherein u will never know and u cn nver tell.... im 19, young n still focus on things like studies but i know someday even f i dnt wnt n i dnt expect it, someone will come to take my heart and this would be the perfect song i cn sing...

Never Really Thought | Reviewer: Emet Tenerife | 9/21/05

On our 17th wedding anniversary, I look back to this song...and I think back saying: I never really thgout that I would be singing this song to her every year. If there is one song to fall in love with, THIS SHOULD BE THE ONLY ONE. If you need to serenade someone (if there's still something like that), THIS IS THE SONG. If you need to send poetry (very romantic), COPY THIS SONG AND SEND IT. If you need to email someone with something special, COPY THIS SONG, PLAY AROUND WITH COLORS AND HIGHLIGHT THE VERY SPECIAL LINES. After that, you might agree and say, 'I NEVER REALLY THOUGHT!"

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