Never Shout Never Lyrics

Christofer Drew Ingle began his ventures with
NeverShoutNever! in September of 2007. Using the internet,
and specifically myspace, he has built his career and
established a solid fanbase. Chris has no record label and
is in complete control of all aspects of his music. He
released is first EP, “Demo-schmemo” on February 29, 2008
and his second, more popular EP, “The Yippee EP” on
September 25, 2008.

Chris began music very casually. His father had a guitar
lying around, and he picked it up and began to play with
help from a friend in his early teen years. His parents
bout him a More...

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Review about Never Shout Never songs
My Opinion | Reviewer: Vada Neal
    ------ About the song I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know performed by Never Shout Never

Well its kind of like the old ones but I think that somethings people put more effort into somethings than others well I think this is one of those moments.
But it is really good.

song | Reviewer: heyskeeter
    ------ About the song She's Got Style performed by Never Shout Never

I love this song! It's my favorite Never Shout Never song:) I absolutely love the way Christofer Drew sings about love. He's not one of them artist who sings about negative stuff like how much he hates his dad, or how hard his life is, instead he's trying to bring happiness, which is amazing:)

Great!! | Reviewer: Zamanda Dean
    ------ About the song Can't Stand It performed by Never Shout Never

this is such a great song! i love it to deth and i couldnt fins it any where!! this is a amazing site! there were about 6 other sites before this one and they were NOT good at all. thanks so much! and i will use this site again..for sure!

i looooove this song. a lott. | Reviewer: amanda. [:
    ------ About the song What Is Love? performed by Never Shout Never

anytime i listen to this song, i end up replaying itt so much. itts justt thatt spectacular. the chorus is my favourite;; and i also love how i can kinda relate, yknow? thatts importantt in any song. christofer ingle = amazing

quite ironic | Reviewer: trey york
    ------ About the song Sea What We Seas performed by Never Shout Never

haha the whole story behind this song is his phase where he experimented with LSD and shrooms and hallucination type drugs. its ironic to me becaus ethis song was put on a disney soundtrack haha this is why i lvoe chris he loves to shove things in the faces of his 11 year old fans who only like him for his shitty songs like happy and all those old songs. his new style that he is developing is good for him im glad hes breaking away from the mainstream stuff. im diggin this song its good to trip too

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