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Stevie Wonder Never In Your Sun Lyrics

Last updated: 05/23/2012 11:00:00 AM

I met her at lover's park
One rainy April Monday
Smiling soft and warm as on
A clear December Sunday
Wearing taffeta and lace
That matched her braided hair
With their coraled beads that sang to me

She said "hi" and asked me why
Was I looking with sorrow
When there were much brighter days
In store for me tomorrow

I looked up at her and smiled
And said, why I don't know
But would she agree, to stay with me
And she said
Never in your sun, she said
Never in your sun, then she said
I will only come
In your pouring rain to relieve the pain

So if you are at lover's park
And someone looks with sorrow
Ask them why are they so sad
When sunshine's theirs tomorrow
They'll reply they don't know why
And ask you please to stay
'til the end of time, and when they're fine

Be kind and say
Never in your sun, just tell them
Never in your sun, then say
I will only come
In your pouring rain, to relieve the pain, never, ever
Never in your sun, never in your sun, believe that
I will only come
In your pouring rain to relieve the pain

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A Spiritual Song | Reviewer: Frank H | 5/23/12

I find (and I may be the only one who finds this) NEVER IN YOUR SUN as carrying a very spiritual message.

For me, the singer is God saying that when we are doing well He does not have to help us but when we are in despair or otherwise suffering, He will be there. I don’t know if Mr. Wonder had this in mind when writing this song but it certainly comes through that way for me.