Never Heard Of It Albums

  • Unmotivated Album
    Stewardess Slut
    Kenny Is Done For
    Just Another Song
    All Hurt

  • Moving On Album
    Taco Song

  • Limited Edition Album
    Waste Of Time
    Where Am I?
    She's Over It
    Build Me Up
    Up All Night
    No Regrets

  • 11 Days Album (3/9/2004)
    Let's Go All The Way
    Hard Headed
    This Is Goodbye
    I'll Change For Now
    It's Not Possible
    Walkin' Alone
    Last Letter Read
    Dead Awake
    She's A Dick
    Satisfied (11 Days Version)
    Chain Reaction
    Stories Changing

  • Nhoi Album (4/16/2002)

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    Reviews about Never Heard Of It albums

    Thee absolute best. :] | Reviewer: Vanessa Venom
        ------ About the album Nhoi performed by Never Heard Of It

    Ok so i know these guys have kind of been over and done with for a while now but i still think their music is absolutely incredible! if i would have known about them 5 years ago i would have defenitley gone to see them perform. their music is sensational. if they had songs out now in 2009, that would be great. i love Davin's voice, its so beautiful! there really isnt anything to dislike about this band, they rock fer sure!

    NHOI "Tearing down barriers" | Reviewer: Mitch Carpenter
        ------ About the album Nhoi performed by Never Heard Of It

    How many times have you bought a cd and only listend to 3 or 4 tracks on the cd? If your anything like I am thats every other cd and any band that can put together a cd with every track "your favorite song" would be an incredible feat. Well NHOI has pulled this off with room to spare. Every song these guys come up with is incredibley catchy. Absent the great tunes catchy lyrics they have meaning as well. They show there tallent by performing fast paced song's such as "Hard Headed" and "Dead Awake" that take a massive ammount of lung capacity and vocal control. But they also give you a slower side as well. Every song I find my self singing along to. What ever genre of music you like from rap to pop, country to rock, You should find a spot in your cd case for NHOI. There picking up momentum and there running with it. Watch your back America NHOI is right behind you and there going to take the nation and world by storm!

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