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Never Heard Of It Biography

Last updated: 05/18/2009 12:00:00 PM

DJ Dell'Osa - Vocals
Jeff Anenberg - Lead Guitar
Greg Lynch - Rhythm Guitar
Elmo Jamz- Drums
Rick Avery - Bass

Consumed with anticipation and determination in the office of a used car salesman, the four members of NEVER HEARD OF IT committed the next five years of their lives to making payments on an avocado-green Chevy Express van.

They had already established a huge following in their hometown of Covina, California, selling out headlining shows at the Glass House and Chain Reaction, clubs with a 700 person-plus capacity. However, to draw beyond this curtain, the band knew they had to make a major investment. They signed on the dotted line.

Over the next year, NHOI has driven over 100,000 miles in the Chevy Express and toured the nation 6 times, booking and financing each tour independently, and crashing anywhere for the night. They have recently upgraded to a 35-foot RV and will be embarking on another U.S. tour (their seventh), and will soon be sophomores on Warped Tour '03.

In the age of major label backing, NHOI live and breathe the punk-inspired credo DIY, or Do-It-Yourself. The band is relentless in spreading their music to the masses, and will go to any lengths to promote (from selling their CDs at shopping malls and gas stations, to stoplights). On Warped Tour '02, NHOI became the only unsigned band to play the entire tour. Up at dawn every day, the guys quickly earned the reputation as the "hardest working band" - putting up posters and selling their CDs to the lines outside the venue, way before doors even opened.

"Limited Edition," the band's second full-length CD, sold over 6,000 copies on Warped '02 alone. Upon completion of the disc, the band landed a nationwide distribution deal and "Limited Edition" picked up another 11,000 in sales, totaling over 18,000 copies sold to date. NHOI set up its own label for recording projects, Unmotivated Records, but the band is anything BUT...They still book their own tours, and they are on the road 11 months out of the year.

Childhood friends who were just goofing around in high school, NEVER HEARD OF IT began in spring 2001 as an escape from after school boredom. Vocalist DJ Dell'osa and guitarist Jeff Anenberg formed their first band playing Screeching Weasel covers with only aspirations of performing at backyard parties. Soon, the duo began to write original songs and play live. Within six months, NHOI released a well-received 16-song CD titled "Unmotivated."

The band, now a 5-piece with rhythm guitarist Greg Lynch, bass player Rick Avery and drummer Elmo, have broken out of their modest high school beginnings with sold-out shows in numerous clubs around their hometown.

By summer 2001, NHOI would go on to develop their edgy style, recharging their energy from punk and traditional pop tunes. They released a second CD, the 6-song EP "Moving On," and established themselves as one of the largest local acts in Southern California. Combined, NHOI has sold over 30,000 copies of their discs (including "Unmotivated" (LP), "Moving On" (EP), "Limited Edition" (LP) and "The New SH*T" (EP).

The current album "Limited Edition" was independently completed as well, meaning that NHOI solely financed and produced the disc. At their core, NHOI are a punk-influenced rock band, balancing sincere and angst-ridden lyrical material with melodies that are written in an edgy and irreverent manner.

NEVER HEARD OF IT is always on the road, seeking label and booking representation. To save enough money for a new coat of paint on the Chevy, they would like to crash at your house. If you are willing to put up a nice bunch of guys, with plenty of great stories to tell, just hit the band's website ( and drop them a quick Email. NHOI promises, "We clean up after ourselves!"

After all, they are 100% DIY.