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Mariah Carey Never Forget You Lyrics

Last updated: 02/03/2013 04:20:26 PM

I won't see your smile
And I won't hear you laugh
Every night
I won't see you walk
Through that door

'Cause time wasn't on your side
It isn't right
I can't say I love you
It's too late to tell you
But I really need you to know

Oh baby no
I'll never forget you
I'll never let you out of my heart
You will always be here with me
I'll hold on to the memories baby

Now baby can you hear me
Wherever you may be
Are you near me
I need you to be
By my side

'Cause I never said goodbye
It isn't right
I should have said I love you
Why didn't I just tell you
God knows I need you to know


Somewhere I know you'll be with me
Someday in another time
But right now you're gone
You just vanished away
But I'll never leave you behind


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Heavy heart :( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/13

I try 2 listen to this song everyday. I lost the love of my life in December and this song touches home. To have someone close to you pass away so suddenly, it's one of the greatest heartbreaks you can ever experience. Mariah, thank you for putting your heart and soul into these lyrics. My heart and soul is very heavy and this song is very comforting. R.I.P Ant ... I'm 4eva yours!!!

I will never forget you.. | Reviewer: Daisy Adah | 10/27/12

I will never forget Whitney Elizabeth Houston. This Song brings tears to my eyes when ever I listen to mariah. I will hold to to the Memories. Whitney you will be missed big time!!!!!!!

I will never forget you, My Son | Reviewer: Michelle Ward | 7/15/12

This song I heard years ago, But didnt realise how powerful it is. Thank you Mariah, Words from your heart. A dear friend lent me the CD to lisen to. This song is so related to my life. I lost my son 6 years ago, he was 15. Omg I sing this song everyday. It makes me feel so close to him.

Memories. | Reviewer: Raenie | 9/3/10

This song has much feeling and meaning behind it. You can just tell Mariah put her full heart and soul into this song and I thank her for that. I can't listen to this song all the time because it brings tears to my eyes; however, i truly love this song.

Spiritual Message | Reviewer: Nadia Pimlico | 3/6/10

Two days after Valentine's Day my wonderful 16 year old blue Persian cat died in my arms. Every morning since that sad day I've woken up to the words and tune of I'll Never Forget You...just the four words and didn't know the song. We found the lyrics tonight, and how heartbreaking, but uplifting they are for me.

i cant get over him | Reviewer: Tia | 4/20/09

i Love this guy since i was in grade 8 last year and still loving him even tho i been going out with other boys. i just try to get over him because all the things he does to me but its to hard. i just found about this song and im loving it already the lyrics and how she sings it, its really good !

MEMORIES... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/07

This song has so much sentimental value to me...I, along with my relitives sang this song at my grandmas funeral service..R.I.P Grandma.

Good Song | Reviewer: Susan | 11/15/07

I heard this song right after my best friend passed away and it really touched me. It is a very good song and it speaks right from the heart. It is very true for me... to the day I die and we meet again, I will never forget Jake. R.I.P. Jake... we love and miss you!

relating | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/07

Someone has said this song is ideal if you have just split from a loved one. Yes thats right but you are thinking of the wrong reasons. It obviously says in the song 'Time wasn't on your side' so another words the person is dead, not just broken up.
Nan and Ronnie I love you with all my heart and you will be forever missed. I'll hold on to our memories, R.I.P love vicky xxx

ANGELIC REVIEW | Reviewer: Ryan | 10/2/07

This song and particular the artist has realy trensended into this phenomanal angelic instrument. Always lifting up those who have been deeply hurt trought the ugly and veil things life throws at you and Mariah has been and will be one of my greatest motivators. Let the honey flow in the the Heartbreakers and then whenever you call i will be there Someday/Under need the stars/And i still believe there is not just flowers for Alfred Rory/But for me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

:( Omgg! :( | Reviewer: Haylee | 9/25/07

This song means so much to me! i recently got bak with my ex n yet agen more poop is happenin n i gotta forget about him :( no matter how much im inlove with him :( x

<big>i have to forget him!!!!<big> | Reviewer: lili | 8/3/07

i have to forget him i love him so much. he's always gonna be in my heart but it's 2 hard for me i love him so much. i have to tell my heart i have to forget him. i'm always gonna love him as a friend but still he's not for me. there's another one on his heart i love him he loves me but for get him..!!!!!!!!!

about the song Never Forget You | Reviewer: Kel | 6/5/07

This is a really great song. I think its especially for persons who have had someone close to them pass away. I can relate so much cause one of my closest friends died last year.

never forget you | Reviewer: katy | 5/1/07

i love this song and the lyrics are really sweet plus i can relate to the song.

heart jerker | Reviewer: susan | 9/8/06

This song is the ideal one if you have just split from a loved one.It really does pull at the heart strings, fantastic song to cry to, and think of what you have lost.I play it all the time and remember what use to be.