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All Shall Perish Never Ending War Lyrics

Last updated: 06/28/2009 12:00:00 PM

Never Ending War

Artist(Band): All Shall Perish

How much longer can we keep on mass murdering our only interests?
Our power and greed
Have we become what those before us escaped from?
Have we disregarded all of our beliefs?
Self-righteous conquest and rejection of the truth for disinformation
Never see our potential with this world
How can we go on following our government's hidden agendas?
We must fight
Back don't let disinformation control your thoughts
Never ending war
Till we have all felt the pain
That is the end we now face
On this path of destruction
And they keep us from thinking' about it
Power getting richer
As they keep us from thinking' about if
The masses ignorant
As to why we shed the blood of the innocent
We must keep on fighting for the ones who are too lost to find themselves
This road to peace will end us all
Will end us all
Tear down the walls of illusion
For the ones who simply turn their heads
The price of always being silent
Will be paid for with your grave
With your grave
Tear down the walls of their illusion
For the ones who simply turn their heads
A blind death awaits your carcass
You know not of the pain that's ahead
Endless hate, malice, revenge
War, pain and death
Never ending
Will you fight?
Or shun from the fate that's everyone's
Will you fight?
We must not just sit here and watch as we die away
So easy to forget
Don't close your eyes.