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Never can say goodbye
No no no no, I
Never can say goodbye

Even though the pain and heartache
Seems to follow me wherever I go
Though I try and try to hide my feelings
They always seem to show
Then you try to say you're leaving me
And I always have to say no...

Tell me why
Is it so

That I
Never can say goodbye
No no no no, I
Never can say goodbye

Everytime I think I had enough
I start heading for the door
There's a very strange vibration
That pierces me right to the core
It says turn around you fool
You know you love her more and more

Tell me why
Is it so
Don't wanna let yo go



I keep thinkin that our problems
Soon are all gonna work out
But there's that same unhappy feeling and there's that anguish, there's that doubt
*It's that same old did ya hang up
*Can't do with you or without
Tell me why
Is it so
Don't wanna let you go


(Repeat till fade)

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Genious | Reviewer: Michael Manoulian | 11/2/13

We were the same age. I followed J 5 & M.J.. Truly a visionary musical genious. Sad that he was denied a normal childhood. You only get one. He was gonna save the world with music. Love & Peace. R.I.P. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Darling Dear | Reviewer: Angela Culberson | 6/27/11

I Never Can Say Goodbye to you. How can i, your in my thoughts every day, every second, every minute, every hour. your on my mind when I go to bed when I wake up.I just don't know Michael how to deal with this. I miss you so so much.I know we all have to go someday but why we couldn't had gone together. I grew up with you, were the same age born the same yr. When you came to Cincinnati I was always there. Never Can Say Goodbye is a sad song. As a child I would listen to it over and over. I don't think back then I really knew the meaning, I knew that it meant not wanting to say goodbye to someone, not wanting to leave that person. Now it's the same meaning but so much more.Even though the pain and heartache seems to follow me wherever I go, without you That's the way I feel now. I cry so much. I miss you my Darling Dear. hugs and kisses I blow up through the clouds to you.

The Way You Make Me Feel | Reviewer: Mary | 5/25/11

Michael, te amo, my sweet darling. You are truly my angel!! Even though I miss you a great deal, I find comfort in knowing that you are with Jesus in heaven. I hope that one day I will be able to meet you, and hug and kiss you. Until that day comes, I will keep you in my heart. Every time I see the sun shining and feel its amazing warmth, or the moon lighting up the night, or the beauty and majesty of the ocean.....I think of you. All things that are good and beautiful and pure remind me of you, because that it is exactly how you are.

Thank you, God, for gifting the world with your child, Michael. I am forever greatful.

I love u and miss u michael jackson | Reviewer: Jamea | 3/17/11

Ill start by saying I love you and I truely miss u. You are my inspiration and I wish that I couldve met you.if anyone eles didnt know what you were going through, I Did. I dont know it just seem like ive known u for years just by listening to ur wonderful music and watching all of ur touching interviews. And all those unbelieveable lies those people said ive Never believed and I still dont believe it becuz its nonsenseable. When ur doing interviews and they ask you about child molestation or your skin or just anything bad I know you be hurting in the inside but u just dont never show it on the outside. But ur in a better place now so theyll leave u alone and stop judging u.there are soooooooo many positive words to describe u with. When I past I hope to see u and finnally meet you and ur brother. Tell him I said hi please. I love u mike and I will never say goodbye to u. Love u and wish u had more time to entertain and live ur life but im glad ur in a better place because u were hurting and I know that n I dont want to see u like that. U will always be in my heart. Love and miss you Michael Jackson,, The King Of Pop.

Never Can Say GoodBye | Reviewer: Yasmine A. Simmons | 1/17/11

I never can say goodbye to Michael Jackson i will never in my life for get u alot of people can relate to this song because they never can say goodbye to u and i love u .

R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson August 29th,1958-June 25th,2009

Always Remembered | Reviewer: luv2luvmike | 8/21/10

I love this song and many of your other songs. I can Never Say Goodbye to you Michael Jackson because you are alive in my heart. Every time I listen to this song, I get very sad because you were this cute and loving little boy that grew up and made so many people sooo happy, when your fans got tickets to a Michael Jackson concert they knew they were really going to enjoy themselfs. You had such a big heart. I didn't believe all the lies they told about you. I wish God had let you stay here a long while longer, but the lord seen that you very tired and needed some rest. I would say Rest In Peace, but knowing you Michael Jackson you are probably up in heaven singing and dancing.

Beautiful ♥ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/10

This is one of my favourite Jacksons songs. Michael did it so beautifully and Wylie Draper, playing him in "The Jacksons: An American Dream" also did it beautifully, just not quite as good as Michael.

RIP MJ (1958-2009)
RIP WD (1969-1993)

you're in god's hands now. | Reviewer: brianna stewart | 6/30/10

michael i'll never stop for giving u and when i die i'll see you anytime in the sky i'll tell you all about me and i promise it is the truth now i'll never lie to u and i'm 9 years old right now and i'll pray for you I LOVE U

i love yu mike | Reviewer: babygirl | 6/27/10

Mikee...yu were...ARE still the king ov pop u will never b 4gotten....I lovee yu soo much and I hope ur n a better place ...ur music waz an inspiration to all ov us...dis song is soo nice....I lovee yu soo muchh and I miss yu with all ov my heart....RIP...and no that ur real fans never believed da gossip that theublic put up there jus to drag u down.. all love R.I.P

Mike. I miss You | Reviewer: Kayla | 12/27/09

Michael you are my hero and I love you. The day you died you took a piece of me with you and I will never get that piece back. Your music is and insipation to me just like millions of other people. You were the King Of Pop. As much as I miss you I know you are in a better place now and you are finally free. Michael you live in my heart for the rest of my life. I know one day I will see you agin in heaven. R.I.P Mike I miss you so much!!

we will always lve u M.J /8-29-6-2009 | Reviewer: winifred | 11/13/09

the fris time dat i was m.j musice i was like wow.......den day same day i ask my aunty 2 take em 2 da store so dat i can get him cd but she didnt take em ,but she ogt iit 4or em for my b-day 4rome ther ono i stared fallin in lve with his musice every-day n i will alway love his musice n those ppls who hitted m.j all i can say is dat leave him along n let him R.I.P n agine all i can say dat i guess dat he was readly 2 go home n we also wonts to say thank 2 him 4or showin us lve n 4or helpin us who dat need help caues with out M.J some of us wouldn't be dis far we jst thank 4or M.J will always be in our hearts.

kiNG Of P0P fOREVER !♥ | Reviewer: ilOVE MiCHAEl jACkSON | 11/6/09


Never Forgotten | Reviewer: Marshall | 11/2/09

Man, Michael. You were taken too soon, from the world. A lot of us turned against you, when the allegations of child molestation came around. Yet, I never believed it for a minute. You were misunderstood, but I am glad no one understood you. Cause you were that mysterious man which added to your fame. You were a great man on top of that. I don't know were I'd be if you never came to be. You make me feel better, every time I hear your words. Listening to this song makes me sad, cause I can never say good bye to you. I wish, I coulda been there to see you be put to rest. I hope you up there somewhere, looking down at your fans. They've come together, united. I know you pictured a world were all races could stand hand and hand, and I hope that happens one day. I throw away my racism, because I see its useless. I rather help than hurt, and you knew that better than anyone. You had everything, and you were still lonely. I hope you feel at home in paradise, with your brother. Maybe one day, when I pass on. I'll meet you. Love ya man.
R.I.P Michael J. Jackson.

micheal j | Reviewer: jasmine | 10/30/09

i didnt care about mike until i heard him die i listen to videos and loved him you can tell wat he goes through in his music he also changed the world if it werent for him and people from da past we wouldnt be free like we are today

missin u | Reviewer: | 8/21/09

i cant believe that michael jackson is really dead i just couldnt believe it i started to just walk around and say ''m.j. isnt dead he made up a fake idintity and moved somewhere else but then i went to his ceremoney at the stapels center in L.A. and thats when i realized that he was gone i still listen to his music every day and i think about him every day i even changed my email adress to 'mjjackson19582009''i keep c'ing these articles about his face and i say all the time you need to leave the man alone and let him rest in peace his music will live forever in our heats as well as his self

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson August 29th,1958-June 25th,2009

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