Neutral Milk Hotel Lyrics

by Phil McMullen

Neutral Milk Hotel isn't so much a band as a concept. The
product of the singulary imaginative mind locked inside
Jeff Mangum's head, it's been a band in the past and will
be a band again, but at the same time it can just be Jeff
and a few friends or even just Jeff and some odd bits of
furniture with peculiar acoustic properties. The
peripatetic Mr. Mangum has rarely stayed still long enough
in the past three years to hold a stable line-up together
anyway, and talking to him I came to realise that it's the More...

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Review about Neutral Milk Hotel songs
Hey, I don't care if this isn't what you think. | Reviewer: Aja
    ------ About the song A Baby for Pree performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

A baby for Pree is a great song and you can take it however you want, but my favorite suggestion for the hidden meaning is this:

Pree is a girl who has random, meaningless sex. She gets pregnant a few times and has abortions, but after a few times realizes she can get rid of the baby herself. Once she sees the blood and the mess, all of the memories of her unborn children comes back, and she never forgives herself.

Again, just my opinion. Please don't judge anyone or anything you don't agree with. :)

Well here's what I think.... | Reviewer: Aja
    ------ About the song Oh Comely performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

First off, I absolutely love this song, and NMH.

I believe that this song, (correct me if I'm wrong) is a bunch of thoughts that weren't enough to each be a separate song. Here is what I think the song is about.

1. The first part is about having an intimate relationship with a women, and not really caring about her in any other way than physically. I believe that it is a confession to the person, especially at the end when it says, " In your memory, you're drunk on your awe ,to me. It doesn't mean anything at all."

2. They are talking about cheating on others. "Your father made fetuses with flesh licking ladies, While you and your mother were asleep in the trailer park." As horrible as this sounds, it is a down to earth song with hidden meanings all over.

3. The lead singer has a wonderful obsession with Anne Frank, which I can't judge, I have one too. However, I think he has fallen in love with her beautiful and powerful memory. The last part is about how he would have loved to have gotten to know her, and how he wished he could SAVE her.

Well that's my thoughts. Thank you for reading, I just LOVE symbolism and song lyrics.

Anne Frank | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

This song, as with the rest of the album, is factually about Anne Frank and her experience hidden away. It talks about the conflict of her sexuality and incest aswell as her parents' struggle.

Materialistic World = Meaningless | Reviewer: Markus Steinke
    ------ About the song Song Against Sex performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

Love has much more depth than the human eye can see. In our current lives people generally have very warped perceptions of what Love actually is, and the human race has been led astray far from what it's origin and place of comfort & peace.

Jeff is awesome.

sickness | Reviewer: honeysucker
    ------ About the song Sailing Through performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

“Uh… it’s not about sex. Even though it sounds like it’s about sex. It’s about getting inside of people, just not… in that way.” --Jeff Mangum before a live performance of this song. I think even if sex is referenced, it's more of a metaphor for the sharing of pain. It was apparently written in the early 90's so AIDS was on a lot of people's minds, I think. He probably found the idea of intimacy spreading pain and disease a very powerful metaphor for the way two people can enable and destroy each other in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, when one of them is "sick." This could apply to drug use, mental illness, ect ect ect

song agaist sex | Reviewer: paulie blacksmith
    ------ About the song Song Against Sex performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

Of all forms of human endeavor, its the gut wrenching pain of love lost/stolen/destroyed, that so often is the genesis of incredible poetry and thought provoking music - fine effort here - I've felt this pain also and he hits it very well -good stuff.

Just- | Reviewer: Kat
    ------ About the song In the Aeroplane Over the Sea performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

Not about sex. That's the only thing I feel for certain about this song.
And I feel that art is generally not vague. Most artists create something with a specific idea and purpose and that's what their piece is a result of. I haven't heard Jeff Mangum say what this song is about, but I hate when an artist says "this song is about _________" and then listeners are like "um... no it's not." So I view art with the artist in mind and if I don't know for sure what a song is about I don't say "this is what it's about." I know there are some artists who create specifically for others interprutations but I don't think NMH or at least this album is really about.

The writer released the meaning | Reviewer: Erika
    ------ About the song Three Peaches performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

the writer of the song had a friend that was very dear to him. she had very severe depression and attempted suicide before. they had found her trying to bleed herself dry in the bathroom and they caught her early enough that they could save her. a few years later she had another suicide attempt and she died. earth lost a soul and heaven gained an angel. the writer of the song had said that even though they were friends throughout it all, she was and always will be his first love

suicide? | Reviewer: devin
    ------ About the song Three Peaches performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

maybe its only because of my experiences but this song sounds like someone feeling really shitty near the holidays, they go into the bathroom for privacy and they cut theirself (carving holiday designs into yourself)
they didnt want anyone to find out but they did, and the person was sent to a mental hospital and they hated it (trust me those places are like prisons)
they got released but they were so depressed and they wanted to kill theirself. either they couldn't go through with it or it didnt work, and they confided in one of their friends (the narrator)
its scary when one of your friends is suicidal and the narrator was so relieved his friend was still alive (im so happy you didnt die)

FREAKIN AMAZING | Reviewer: Gabe
    ------ About the song Oh Comely performed by Neutral Milk Hotel

This song is one that can be interpreted differently by anyone, because in all truth, music is based completely on your (the interpreters) opinion, thus is music, but for me I feel joyous and yet a sting of guilt when listening to such an amazing piece of art, for we exploit the life of a young dead jewish girl for our own entertainment or even self-pity.

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