Neuraxis Lyrics

Steven Henry - Guitar / Yan Thiel - Bass / Robin Milley -
Guitar / Alex Erian - Drums / Ian Campbell - Vocals

Neuraxis (n├╝-rak'sis). The axial, unpaired part of the
central nervous system in contrast to the paired cerebral
hemisphere. "When one gets attacked by such an extreme
sound, at once brutal and melodic, the nervous system
becomes affected by all means. The neuraxis is the last
gate to cross before reaching the state of sensible
insanity... Once the spinal cord is under the band's
control, one becomes a slave until the More...

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Cost of opalescence | Reviewer: Abraham
    ------ About the song Impulse performed by Neuraxis

Make love, not war!.
I am from Congo and too bad know English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Einstein's concept of brownian room was the macroscopic term in the manufacture of harsh solids."

Regards ;-) Abraham.

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